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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes


Many organizations are in need of donations of new, unexpired diabetes supplies to redistribute them to those in need.

Please do not send expired items as they cannot be used. Some places only accept unopened items so contact the organization before sending your donation. Federal law (and most states, too) prohibit the re-distribution of EXPIRED or blood- contaminated (used meters and lancets) medical items. Please do not send used meters and lancets or expired medical items to charitable organizations.

EXPIRED ITEMS must be thrown away and are not tax-deductible as they have no value.


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Where can I donate diabetes supplies, insulin pumps and pump supplies?


Disclaimer:  We give other organizations that provide assistance to those in need free listing on our website. We believe that by offering you other options to donate diabetes supplies more people in need will be helped.   We strongly encourage you to contact the organizations in our listing prior to making your donation.   We are not responsible for any claims or misinformation given by organizations on this page or through any of their contact information.

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If you wish to add your organization to our directory please e-mail

California, Inc.
2250 Alyssum Avenue
Upland, CA  91784-7384

Contact:  Lahle Wolfe, CEO

Phone:  650-839-1447



Tax receipt for donations?   Yes.

Information supplied by this organization - We provide assistance to diabetics in need throughout the United States.  We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff or contractors.  100% of all financial donations, as well as every supply donated, goes directly to help others in need.  We accept donations of used insulin pumps (as long as supplies and support are still available through the manufacturer).  We have pumps recertified and give them away free to qualifying individuals in need.

We also have a program that offers free quilts to children newly diagnosed with diabetes and are always in need of handmade, small quilts and quilt tops.

We are in need of, and accept the following diabetes supplies:

  • Test strips - any kind - this is always are most critical need!
  • Glucose meters (any brand, unused)
  • Syringes and pen needles (new)
  • Lancets and Lancing Devices (new)
  • Alcohol Pads
  • IV Prep and Betadyne Pads
  • IV3000 Film
  • Sharps Containers
  • Insulin pump supplies - new and unexpired only, please
  • LMX Cream (unopened)
  • Insulin pumps that manufacturers still offer tech support and supplies for (discontinued models that we cannot get supplies or technical service for cannot be recertified.  We are not able to use pumps that are more than 3 years old, all D-Tron and H-Tron Pumps or MiniMed pumps prior to the 522 model).

We appreciate donations of diabetes supplies as listed above, however, we are not able to accept insulin or oral medications.

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