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If you have legal troubles with your insurance company and live in CA, contact Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, an appellate attorney specializing in health-care related legal issues.

The Ehrlich Law Firm
Holding insurers to their promises

237 W. Fourth Street
Claremont, CA  91711
(909) 625-5565 (phone)
(909) 624-5477 (fax)

Free ad for business owner who is a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes

When every penny counts

As a single mom to four children every penny does count in our household, but clipping coupons is time-consuming.  So when a friend told me about a coupon site. Wow-Coupons, I had to check it out, I was skeptical.

They offer (free of charge)
printable store coupons for dozens of different merchants and services. The day I visited there were coupons for Target,  Wal-Mart, Borders, Sears, Best Buy, Midas,  and many other "major" merchants.  (IOH receives no compensation for you visiting their site.)


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