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Islets of Hope does NOT collect personal data or compile e-mail lists for any purposes whatsoever.

If you receive any form of unsolicited personal or mass mailing that appears to be from Islets of Hope or any of our other websites -- especially those that solicit donations (we do not use mass mailings for unsolicitated mailings of any nature) -- please report it to us immediately!

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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

Islets of Hope privacy statement

Note the lack of fine print in our privacy statement? ... we have nothing to hide except your identity!

This Privacy Statement applies to Islets of Hope, as well as to all the other sites owned and operated by IOH, including,,, and  The terms, "website,"  "site," "IOH," and "Islets of Hope," when used in this Privacy Statement, all refer to all websites owned and operated by Islets of Hope.

What we do NOT do:

  • IOH does not collect, monitor, or track any electronic or personal information whatsoever for any person who uses, visits, or browses our website.  
  • We do not collect, monitor, or track information for or on anyone who shops our website or clicks any links from our website
  • We do not collect personally identifying shopping information, including:  financial data, shopping choices, shipping or contact address, viewing habits, or any other personal information.

You are free to browse and shop and participate in our site knowing that your activity is totally ignored by us!

Discussion Lists

We do not collect, monitor or track personal information for anyone who joins our online discussion lists or forums.  The only information contained in our list member databases is the information that you voluntarily choose to provide (i.e., email address).  This information is strictly confidential and able to be accessed only by IOH.  Discussion list archives are private to list members only, however, bear in mind that anyone joining an IOH list can browse list archives.  That means, other list members can see your email address in list archives if you have posted to that list.

We do not market, trade, or in any way whatsoever disseminate the email addresses of any list member -- ever!

Information that Is Captured

Our list server program automatically tracks the number of visitors and what pages and links are clicked.  Absolutely no identifying information is captured with that count -- only the number appears in the reports from our list serve company.

LinkShare and - We use Amazon ( and as a springboard for working with many affiliate companies (advertisers on our website). Linkshare does not capture any personal information whatsoever on those who click on our affiliates.  They do however, count the number of clicks to products and companies.  IOH reports from affiliate companies only show a number -- not names, shipping habits, ISP or other addresses.  Amazon customers are subject to Amazon's privacy policies whether they shop directly, or through our site, the policy is the same.

You may view their privacy policies at:

Amazon Association Central Privacy Notice

LinkShare Privacy Statement

Affiliate companies - Once you actually log into another company they will have their own privacy policy statement.  Most companies (and hopefully all we have chosen to link to) are legitimate and offer a privacy policy statement on their website.  

If privacy is a concern there are things that you can do when using other sites (you privacy is automatically protected at IOH):

  • Be sure to read the individual company's privacy policy statement because companies do change policies from time-to-time.  (For example, Yahoo Groups now collects and shares your personal identification and browsing habits with other companies.  Read their policy update because they changed it without announcing it!   Another reason to use our anonymous online support groups where you won't be tracked.)
  • Purchase Protective Software - You can purchase software that "hides" your computer's ISP address.  That way, when you go out into the Internet you are a number without a face and other sites cannot track back to you and capture or sell your email address to other companies.

Remember, if something smells fishy on the Internet -- it probably is!

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