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Website Dediction

Important article and website disclaimer

The Miracle Four



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See the Miracle Four in action as they raised more than $4,600 for the JDRF in their two Walks for the Cure.

JDRF's Walk for The Cure, Ontario, CA 2005 - Team Miracle Four

JDRF's Walk for The Cure, Ontario, CA 2006 - Team Miracle Four

There are many ways that you can help us.

Volunteer, donate diabetes and quilting supplies, tell others about our site, link to our site, and shop our Amazon store and through our Affiliate programs.

From commissions we receive we are able to run this site and then donate ALL site profits to help others in need.  You can even just donate to help cover our webhosting costs.

And of course, you can always make a financial donation to our cause.

Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

Islets of Hope's Mission Statement

Islets of Hope (IOH) was founded in late September 2005 but in only a few short months IOH was already helping others.  See "What have we done for you lately?" for donating over $1,000 to, Inc.  And  IOH's own "Miracle Four" (see sidebar) raised another $1,000 for the JDRF in a   Not a bad start. But not nearly enough.

Please see how you can help us continue our efforts to help others in need through patient education, donating funds to help purchase supplies and insulin pumps, as well as to other nonprofit diabetes organizations.  And If you cannot afford to make a donation, we'd still love to have you on board as a volunteer.

  • To provide free access to an online community of discussion lists for diabetes related topics.
    (During 2006 our website has grown at a phenomenal rate -- IOH site now has over 800 pages of information -- and all still available for free!)

  • To generate a free, monthly online newsletter, void of paid advertisement, for the benefit of its subscribers.  (Accomplished!  We also added our Headlines and Diabetes Alerts lists to keep you informed of important diabetes events!)
  • To offer free, or at-cost advertisement space and support lists hosting for legitimate, reputable, non-profit support groups of benefit to members of  the diabetic community. (We now have many business owners living with diabetes benefitting from free advertisement on our site.)
  • To underwrite Insulin Pumps for Underinsured Mellitus Patients (, a diabetes nonprofit
    organization assisting in providing insulin pumps to families in need.  
    (See "What have we done for you lately" to see how we have helped others with diabetes.)
  • To report pertinent web resources and provide information on studies, research, drugs, treatment, and current events in the diabetes world.  (News headlines are now updated daily and featured on the front page of the IOH website.  In addition, we started the "Headlines" e-mail list for those who want their daily updates in e-mail format instead of checking the site.)
  • To provide members of the diabetic community a forum to chat, and a place to share their own personal stories.   (We started a diabetes BlogForum, and Real People Living with Diabetes.  Share your story with us!)
  • To provide free, or at-cost diabetes information and publications.  (We not only offer publications, we review and rate other diabetes publications, products, and services too!)  

Website dedication

This website is dedicated with love and admiration to my amazing children Samuel (16), Rachel (11), Jonathan (10), and Elizabeth (7) .  You bring joy and purpose into my life each day along with laundry, homework, and boo-boo knees.  And to my mother, Mary Elizabeth, a tender-hearted woman with more courage than anyone else I know.  Also, to Sophia, my soul sister, for always being there and loving me even when I am a pain in the .... (which is often).   To my father, David, who encouraged me to write, color on walls, and dance under the moonlight barefoot.  To Dr. S. Mark Tanen and Dr. Kathleen Link, who, as far as I am concerned, set the standard for what an endocrinologist should be.  To Lisa, the first women I ever met who also has PCOS and has remained a dear and loyal friend ever since.  And last, but certainly not least, to Jeffrey, my best friend forever and a wonderful, loving father to Elizabeth.

Website dedication update:  During the summer of 2006 I lost both Sophia, my second mother, and my own mother to cancer.  I miss you both, every day.


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