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You might prefer to  support other diabetes organizations. Donate money, time, and supplies, or just join a support list or group. But please, do consider getting involved in some way.  The "cure diabetes" cause needs you!

Contributors to our Site

Contributions come to us in many ways.  Funds, donating supplies, volunteering time, skills, and energy.  Even just telling others about our site helps us.

We appreciate all that you do to help us make living with diabetes a little bit easier for others.

We would personally like to thank the following people for their generous input, time, and support that went into creating Islets of Hope.

Special thanks to:

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich
Sophia Ehrlich
J. Nadene Delaney
David and Linda Wolfe

More thanks...

Thank you to the many wonderful list members of Nancy Sharma's Northern VA Diabetes Support Group and the women (my "cysters") on the NOVA PCO Support list for all their ideas and contributions.

And also, to Janet Dryer and Mrs. Dottie of the Children's School who let me take naps in their library after I have been up all night working on building Islets of Hope and, Inc.

Thank you for your support of this site and

Lahle Wolfe, founder


Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

How we are funded and how you can help others

Why support our site?   Read what Islets of Hope has done for members of the diabetes community.

Islets of Hope is funded through private, unsolicited donations by those who visit our site and through sales commission from affiliate companies, including through our Amazon Book Store.  

Read why I started Islets of Hope and

Some other ways that you can help

Donate towards my web hosting bill!  Donate directly to our list server to help fund this site.  You can donate as little as one dollar -- every little bit helps -- or as much you want!  Your generous support will be paid directly to so you can be assured your support goes where you intended it to and not to "Lahle's Diet Coke" fund (it takes lots of caffeine to keep this site going.)  

Shop our affiliate companies.  Occassionally on our site you will see ads from affiliate companies. These are companies that advertise on our site for free in exchange for giving us sales commissions.  Our affiliates are carefully chosen and identified as an "IOH affiliate company."  This is not the same thing as a click-through ads, like Google AdSense ads, which we no longer use because so many of their ads boasted "cures" for diabetes (there are none).  Note: there is NO added charge to anything you order for using our links.  

See our privacy policy and website disclaimer for more information about Affiliate companies.

Shop Amazon diabetes books and products through our Amazon Store.  IOH receives a small commission on many items pruchased through our site.

Webmasters,  if you are building a website, or looking for a webhosting service, consider They have outstanding customer support, fabulous features, and are very affordable.  If you sign up and mention, our site receives a referral bonus.  


Word of mouth praise is still one of the best ways you can help an organization -- and the best way our organization can help others -- our sole purpose for existing. So please, add a link to our site, mention us in your support groups and diabetes forums, tell your family, friends, doctor, the person next to you in line at the grocery store -- anyone you can -- about our site.   We feel we have a lot of valuable information and support to offer all members of the diabetic community.

 John Walsh
Using InsulinThis book should be issued with each prescription for insulin that is written/filled in the U.S.  It is absolutely the best material available written on a subject that can be complicated and daunting. "Using Insulin" is an essential requirement for anyone who has either just started insulin therapy or who has changed to a basal/bolus approach as the preferred DM treatment. "Using Insulin" will enable the reader to establish correct baseline and bolus dosing, especially with the newer insulins.  



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