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Cures for Diabetes: There are none

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The Body in Balance Center
300 S. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA  22314

Ann is a business owner living with diabetes and that qualifies her to advertise on our site for free.  But it is her passion for people and comprehensive training (plus, she's a really nice person)  that prompted me to pursue her  to advertise, for free, on IOH.

So here is an unsolicited shameless plug from me personally, to Ann.

Lahle Wolfe, Founder
Islets of Hope

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Pumping Insulin:
 This is a must-read book for anyone on the pump or considering using one.  The information is exhaustive and straightforward.  Even if you think you know it all about pumping, this book will teach you even more!

Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes


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Material on this site is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended for, nor should  be used for, self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  IOH strongly recommends that you seek the advice of a  medical professional for diagnosis and treatment options, or, before making changes to your existing medical care plan.

Islets of Hope hosts online discussion lists for persons interested in exchanging ideas and feelings about diabetes with others.  Please read our disclaimer about forums and lists before joining one of our lists.

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Unless otherwise stated, articles were compiled or written by non-medical persons.  Although Islets of Hope strives to present only verifiable medical data, Islets of Hope articles and publications are not intended as a substitute for the advice and care of a licensed medical professional.

We strongly encourage you to discuss any and all information you find on this website, links, support lists, forums, Islets of Hope publications with your personal physician BEFORE making any changes to your diabetes or other health care plan.

Information found on, or through our site, is not intended for the purposes of self-diagnosis or self-treatment.  Only a licensed medical professional is qualified to make any diagnosis or treatment recommendation.

Islets of Hope makes every reasonable effort to include only accurate and reliable reference sites and resources from which material and information came for articles, but is not responsible for the accuracy, content, or information found in those sites or materials.

Islets of Hope has used, with permission, articles for other sources.  We indicate the original article source and if the original article was edited by our staff.

We do not pay for submissions, nor offer any other form of compensation, for contributions to our website.

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Islets of Hope is not responsible for the content, information, material, or accuracy of any of the outbound site links found on this website, or those who "back link" (when another site refers you to our site).  Please do not be fooled by "spam" companies that produce mass "search results return" lists referring to Islets of Hope or other diabetes sites.

We are continually checking our links to ensure that they are valid, but due to the constantly changing world on the Internet links may from time-to-time change or become "dead" links.  

Please report any bad links, or links that do not lead to the source indicated -- especially links that lead or redirect to sites for advertising diabetes cures, or other "spam" sites.  Report problems to

We do NOT solicit "back links" from spam vendors and recommend that you report them to us.  Reporting these sites can help Google and other reliable search engines ban spam websites that are not in compliance with ethical Internet standards.  We do NOT pay for backlinks into our site.

We do not use pop-up ads or links that redirect to other spam or advertising sites.

We no longer use GoogleAds.  We were unable to filter out all the "cures for diabetes" links and so we removed them from our site.  If you see one, please let us know.  

Sponsors and paid advertisers on our site

Islets of Hope participates in affiliate programs with carefully selected companies.  Anytime that you see a link to an outside vendor, it will be to one of our affiliate companies that we identify as "IOH affiliate program."  These affiliates sale products or services for which we receive a commission when a sale is generated through our site.  

We also have an store for which Islets of Hope receives a commission for all books sales that are initiated through our Amazon links.  We do not permit paid banner advertising, pay-per-click, or pop-up advertising on our site.

Islets of Hope permits, for free, business owners who have diabetes, or who have children with diabetes, to advertise on our website.  These businesses may, at their own discretion, make a donation of their own choosing, to help cover our web hosting costs, but it is not required.  We do not permit any business, including those owned by those living with diabetes, to advertise any product or service that claims or suggests to cure diabetes type 1 or type 2.  (Read Cures for Diabetes:  There are none)

For some patients, prediabetes may be a reversible condition with the proper medical care and changes in lifestyle.  Therefore, Islets of Hope evaluates products and services relating to prediabetes, metabolic syndrome X and insulin resistance, on a case-by-case basis.  If we find any claim that cannot be supported by scientific findings, we will not permit advertising of products or services that claim to cure prediabetes or other pre-diabetic metabolic conditions.

If you find any affiliate, product, service, or link on our site that does not meet our high standards, or that you find questionable, contact us.  Also, please report any affiliate, company, vendor, person, business, or link, with whom you encounter a technical problem, a customer service problem, or any other trouble.

Endorsement and recommendation disclaimer

Islets of Hope presents its web visitors with a variety of topics, research, headlines, diabetes and other medical  and non-medical information. Islets of Hope accepts contributions from the general public, as well as offer support lists and online discussion forums.  We do not pay for articles of submissions.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, material from other sources, including sponsors, advertisements, links, articles, submissions from other organizations, persons, or entities, does not necessarily reflect the opinions, position, attitudes, of Islets of Hope, nor does presentation of such information constitute an endorsement or recommendation of links, persons, companies, organizations, services, products, or any information found on, or through, this website.  

Accuracy and representation of information

Islets of Hope does not post information and submissions without reviewing it first.  Reasonable effort is made to determine the credibility and accuracy of all articles and submissions.  However, Islets of Hope is not responsible for any intentional or unintentional misrepresentation, distortion, fabrication, or inaccuracies in the submissions and articles by others.

Opinions of others - web submissions, forums, support lists

We are not responsible for, nor necessarily support the positions, opinions, attitudes, or interests of, anyone posting information to our website, discussion forums, or support lists.  We allow others to express their own opinions, but this should not be considered an endorsement or agreement with Islets of Hope.  

Buyer/reader beware

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on the Internet.  Many persons who post to forums and lists (including those found on Islets of Hope) may have good intentions but not good advice.   Islets of Hope strongly encourages you to bear in mind persons posting to open forums and lists are not medical professionals.  Any and all information including links, articles, personal stories, advice, and tips, should be considered strictly the opinion of the poster.  Be sure to discuss any changes or medical concerns with your own private personal physician BEFORE making changes.

Online medical professionals cannot offer you advice except in a general nature.  Even when a person may indicate that they are a licensed professional, they may not be.  Before accepting the advice of any online health or medical professional be sure to discuss it with your own doctor who understands your own individual medical situation and care needs.

Online legal professionals cannot offer you advice except of a general nature.  Even when a person may indicate that they are a licensed legal professional, they may not be.  Before accepting the advice of any online legal professional we recommend that you meet with an attorney face-to-face.  

Islets of Hope's  "Ask-The-Lawyer" page disclaimer

“Ask the Lawyer” is a free service of Islets of Hope, which is intended to provide general information relating to insurance and civil rights issues that diabetics are likely to face.  Because the questions and the answers are posted on the site, please do not include anything in your post that you consider confidential.  The information appearing on this website is of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice or opinions concerning a specific situation. Submitting a question on line, sending an e-mail, or viewing the information on this site does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not intended to constitute legal advice or to substitute for obtaining legal advice from a licensed attorney.



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