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Submissions Disclaimer. Transmissions, submissions sent, mailed, or otherwise delivered, or communicated to IOH, including, but not limited to, e-mail postings to IOH or its lists or forums, images sent, stories, resource references, artwork constitutes authorization by the sender for the IOH to use, display, or reference as it deems appropriate, all submitted materials, or any portion thereof.

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living with diabetes

Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

General guidelines for all submissions.  Send all submissions to:  If you are sending attachments you MUST send a separate email from the same address that the attachment was sent stating that an attachment was sent under separate cover. Unannounced emails with attachments will be identifed and automatically deleted by our spam filters!

NOTE:  Due to the volume of mail we receive it can take up to a week for us to reply.  If you have an urgent matter please mark the subject "URGENT."

Tips, links, ideas, recipes, anything diabetes you feel like sharing.  Share you own original ideas.  And, if you do share something from another source you MUST include the exact source (i.e., full URL of weblink, name of author, book, page number, etc.)

Real People: Stories from others living with diabetes.  Tell us your own personal story, or about a child, loved one or friend living with diabetes.  You can send us pictures, too and you will be assigned your own webpage.  Visit Real People to see other's stories already posted.

Family Fun Corner.  Please submit only your own original art, stories, poems, anecdotes, jokes, "Kid Speak" dictionary terms, etc.  Parents may submit work of their children.

Ordinary Heroes, Fabulous Caregivers, adoption and personal success stories.  Send us, in your own words, articles about persons you would like to praise or thank or who have overcome medical, legal, or weight challenges (success stories).  If you wish to send a picture, it must be in .jpg or .gif file format.

Request a product, publication, service, or website review.  E-mail and include the following information:  Name of your company and a business contact name, address, e-mail address and phone number.  Tell us why you feel your product would be of interest to persons with diabetes or disorders associated with diabetes.  Islets of Hope will contact you with additional information about having your product, service, publication, or website reviewed and rated.

How to suggest, complain to us, or share your resources too!  We love to hear about "bad" guys (okay, and "good" guys too).  Report schools that break laws and discriminate against children with diabetes and those that are diabetes-friendly.  Report companies that make "CURE DIABETES" claims and take your money and run.  (We especially love to wrangle with "snake oil" companies.)  And we are really, really interested in adding to our list of "Insulin Pump-Friendly Doctors."  If you know a doctor who is willing to consider children on a case-by-case basis as possible candidates for insulin pumps, please let us know.  We'd love to hear from you!

Questions for "ask-the-lawyer."  Questions for appellate attorney Jeffrey I. Ehrlich should be sent to:  State your question as clearly and briefly as possible.  Your email will be received by his paralegal who will review the email to see if additional information is needed.  Due to the high volume of mail "Ask The Lawyer" now recieves, you may get an answer from a diabetes paralegal, copying Mr. Ehrlich to ensure accuracy and for further comment.  He may also choose to answer your questions about health insurance and civil rights issues as they pertain to diabetes and other medical concerns personally.

Did we forget something?  For everything else not mentioned here contact

                           Elizabeth, age 7, type 1 diabetes       Madison, type 1 diabetes, age 1       Alyssa, type 1 diabetes, age 3       Eric, type 1 diabetes, age 3
                            Elizabeth, age 7          Madison, age 1            Alyssa, age 3                Eric, age 2

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