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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

Paid advertisements on Islets of Hope

Islets of Hope is owned by Lahle Wolfe, who not only has diabetes herself, but also has a diabetic child.
   IOH's Mission Statement includes helping out other businesses owned by persons living with diabetes.

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Rules for advertising

Why use paid advertising?

Paid advertising rates

How to send payment

How to submit your ad request





Why use paid advertising?

Paid advertising helps your business to grow because there are three main reasons people visit Islets of Hope:

  • They are looking for reliable, pop-up free, no gimmick diabetes information (run your ad on one of our informative web pages)
  • They are looking for diabetes support (sponsor one of our lists)
  • They are looking for diabetes books, service providers, and products (list your business in our Member Directory for free)

Benefits to you

  • We do NOT charge for click-throughs to your site
  • There are no hidden costs or contracts to sign
  • We do not take a portion of your sales for using our site unless we form an official affiliate relationship agreed to in advance
  • We offer low advertising rates because we want our visitors to benefit from trustworthy diabetes products and services
  • We can list your company for free in our Members Directory
  • If you are a nonprofit organization or a business owner who has diabetes we will help you promote your own good works and services for free.

The Freebie Option

For persons with diabetes (or are a parent of a child with diabetes), who wish to advertise on our site we offer free text-based ads.  Your free ad can have contact information or a link to your own website.  See "Free Ads" for more information.

Please read our Rules for Advertising  BEFORE you submit an ad to us.

The At-Cost Option

 If you wish to have graphics, large, or banner ads, sorry, we need to charge you something or we could end up with advertisers driving up our costs to run our site.  We don't want that because we give half of all our site proceeds to diabetes causes that directly benefit persons in need.  To see if your business can qualify for at-cost ad placement, see "At-Cost Advertising."   



Paid advertising rates

Please read our Rules for Advertising BEFORE you submit an ad to us.  

Choose to support Islets of Hope or

There are two pricing packages for your ads.  Payment can be made to Islets of Hope to support our good works, or, you can make a donation to, Inc. a newly-form diabetes assistance organization also founded by Lahle Wolfe (founder or Islets of Hope).

If you choose to support, Inc. your advertising rates on IOH will be lower (but we encourage you to consider making a higher donation).  In addition to seeing your ad(s) on IOH, you will also receive recognition for your donation on the, Inc. website.  Your donations to, Inc. will be help support their nonprofit work of assisting diabetic patients in need with the purchase of their insulin and supplies, as well as with the cost of insulin pumps.  

Again, we courage you to consider making a larger donation to, Inc. but by making advertising rates more appealing when you make a donation directly to, Inc. we hope you will consider helping them.


Type of Advertising

Cost of Ad if you choose to pay Islets of Hope

Cost for Ad if you choose to donate to instead

Business Card Listing - Send us a .jpg or .gif image of your business card, or mail it to us and we will scan it for you.  We will add hyperlinks for you for free because we are nice people. Business card listings remain indefinitely (until you ask us to remove them, or, hyperlinks are no longer active).  All business cards are placed in the Member's Directory.  We will update hyperlink information for free if you e-mail us with the new link.

$20.00 for business card ad including image placement. $10.00 for business card ad on IOH including image placement.

Banner Advertising - Banners can be placed at the top of information pages, near a heading that somehow might be related to the banner add, or, at the bottom of information on the page. We do not place banner ads at the very bottom of the page so that you will have better visibility.  We can also place "skyscraper" vertical banners in sidebars.  

Send us the .html or relative link for your banner ad and tell us about your product or service so that we can find a suitable page location to place your banner.  If you know where you want your ad (a particular page or section of the site) just let us know.

$25.00 for 3 months of banner space on IOH. You can place up to 10 banners on pages of your choice (except index page) $15.00 for 3 months banner space on IOH.  Plus, will identify you as a sponsor on their website as well.

Support List Sponsorship - List sponsorship allows you text-based ads as a header or footer (we decide which is most appropriate for individual lists depending upon the length of your ad) on a specific discussion list(s).

Every time a member posts to the list your ad will appear along with the IOH notation that you are sponsoring the cost of running the support list (and a thank you). Only one sponsor at a time is permitted on a list so you won't be competing with anyone else. Some lists are more active than others but sponsorship is a great way to ensure your ad is being seen and that you care.

$10.00 per month per support list. $5.00 per month per IOH support list.

Create your own webpage ad - We can create your own permanent business story to advertise your business or service on IOH using your own text and images and links.  You can ad your own banners and context and update your page (once a month for free) as your promotions change.

Contact us for more details.

$50.00 one-time set-up fee with one free monthly change or edit.  If you need to make more than one change per month there is an additional charge of $5.00. $25.00 one-time, set-up fee with one free monthy change or edit.



How to send us your payment

There are two ways to pay for your ad.  You can use PayPal or send a check or money order.

Payment to Islets of Hope

Donations to, Inc.

Checks payable to:

Islets of Hope
c/o Lahle Wolfe
2250 Alyssum Avenue
Upland, CA 91784-7384

Checks payable to:, Inc.
c/o Lahle Wolfe, CEO
2250 Alyssum Avenue
Upland, CA 91784-7384

Payments via PayPal to IOH

Why support Islets of Hope?  Read
how we help others....


Donations via PayPal to

Why donate to, Inc.? 
how they help diabetics
in need ...  




How to submit your ad

A very important notice:  IOH cannot offer refunds for ads.  Once you make your donation, it is final.  For this reason, we request that you contact us with an sample of your ad prior to making payment.  If, for any reason, there is a problem with placing your ad (i.e. inappropriate content for our site) you won't be out of a buck if you wait for ad approval before sending payment.

To place your ad:

Step 1.   Send us your ad for placement, along with any information about who in your life has diabetes.

Step 2.   Wait for our reply that your ad has been approved BEFORE paying.  If you pay without approval you and for any reason we cannot
              approve your ad, you cannot get a refund.  We will respond, usually within 24 hours of receiving your ad request.

Step 3.   Make your payment or donation.  We will automatically receive a copy of your donation receipt (amount and e-mail address only).
              Upon payment receipt your ad will be draft, and a "test" link sent for your review.

BEFORE sending us files with attachments you must contact us to learn how to do this.  Otherwise, any e-mails we receive with attachments from you will be ignored as Spam with possible virus infection and discarded without being read.

When will my ad go up on the Islets of Hope website?

Ads will be placed on a test link site within two (2) business days of payment unless other arrangements are made.  You will be sent the test link to your ad so that you can look it over (that way, if we make a mistake, we won't make your company look bad).  

You have 30 days to:

  • Report any typos or problems with the ad (we will fix our mistakes for free within 24 hours of the day that you report them to us)
  • Approve it for final posting to the site.

If we don't hear from you within 30 days your ad will not be placed (sorry, no refunds).

Submissions disclaimer.  Transmissions, submissions sent, mailed, or otherwise delivered, or communicated to IOH, including, but not limited to, e-mail postings to IOH or its lists or forums, images sent, stories, resource references, artwork  constitutes authorization by the sender for the IOH to use, display, or reference as it deems appropriate, all submitted materials, or any portion thereof.

Seller beware!  If  you try and "dupe" IOH or make false, unethical, or illegal claims in your ad that take advantage of our site visitors, be aware the we will rate your company, by name, and based on factual data, report all "evil" doings on our list of "Snake Oil" companies.  

For more information about how to advertise on our site, please e-mail  


Free listing in our Member directory

All advertisers (free, at-cost, and paid) will have the option of being listed in our Members Directory for free.  This is a quick locator guide for people looking for fast reference to a particular business or product.

Listing your company in the member directory offers potential customers one more way to learn about your business.  You don't repeat your ad here, but you may list your company, links, contact information, how diabetes has affected you (if applicable), and up to 3 sentences about your company products or philosophy.  This is a great place to hype your business.  

For businesses that do not have a website to link to, you can choose to link to your member directory listing instead, at no extra cost to you.  Remember, this is an option, you need to ask us to list and link your business!

We may also, at our discretion, add one or more, of the following icons to your Member Listing, to let persons know your business status:

     Business that supports IOH through paid or at-cost advertising rates

      Your business donates a portion of each sale to charitable diabetes causes

     Business is owned by a person living with diabetes or disorder associated with diabetes

    Business receives a thumbs up for favorable reviews as reported by customers




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