Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

Webpage sponsorships

Islets of Hope is owned by Lahle Wolfe, who not only has diabetes herself, but also has a diabetic child.
   IOH's Mission Statement includes helping out other businesses owned by persons living with diabetes.

What is a Web Page Sponsorship?

For persons who do not have a website of their own, web page sponsorships is an ideal way to have your own "home page" on IOH's website.

How does it work?

  • We help you create a web page (you give input on design, provide content, and we program the code and hang it in cyberspace for you).
  • You can add links to other sites, your e-mail address, images, and text.  Go a little crazy, or be conservative; it's your page!
  • We provide you with your own unique page link that you can refer people to. (You can even put your "site" address on your business cards.)
  • Your web page is noted on one of our other web pages announcing your web page as the sponsor for a particular Islets of Hope page.
  • You are automatically included in our Member's Directory, listing your company information, and the link to your own web page.
  • We provide 2 updates for free (after that we have to charge per update, sorry).

At this time we are not offering page sponsorships but we will be offering this service sometime in February.  If you would like to know when page sponsorships become available please e-mail



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Page Updated 04/25/2007