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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

Free advertising on Islets of Hope
for nonprofits, service groups, and persons living with diabetes

Islets of Hope is owned by Lahle Wolfe, who not only has diabetes herself, but also has a diabetic child.
   IOH's Mission Statement includes helping out other businesses owned by persons living with diabetes.

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What is Free advertising?

Just that.  No cost to you.  Don't you just love Islets of Hope?  We do too, and are pretty fond of others coping with diabetes, so we want to help.

The Freebie Option

For persons with diabetes (or who are a caretaker, grandparent, parent, or sibling of a child with diabetes), who wish to advertise on our site, we offer free text-based ads for incorporating into our Member's Directory.  Your free ad can have contact information, information about your business, and even links to your own website.  If you want graphics or additional web design features there may be a charge depending your needs.  But you may also qualify for "At-Cost Ads."

Those who qualify for free advertising include:

  • Nonprofit organizations that benefit, or further the causes of, diabetes, or disorders associated with diabetes.  Note: Simply having a web address ending in .org does not a nonprofit make.  You must have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Business owners or service providers that have diabetes, or a child with diabetes.  Many parents or grandparents open home-based businesses to be able to stay at home in order to provide care and support for their child with diabetes.  Or, they may start a second-income business to help cover increased medical and care costs. And we will list your business for free if you are a caregiver or school that offers quality care for diabetes (thumbs up to you)!  These are folks we'd really like to help.
  • Pediatric endocrinologists especially those that (based on individual patient suitability), put children under the age of 12 on insulin pumps.
  • Diabetes and associated disorders grass-roots and local support groups and chapters.
  • Companies that donate any portion of sales proceeds back to Islets of Hope,, the ADA, DREDF, JDRF, or Children With Diabetes (yes, we will check).

Please read our Rules for Advertising  BEFORE you submit an ad to us.


How do I demonstrate that I really am a business owner living with diabetes?

We are big on trust and even our paid advertising rates are pretty cheap.  We hope people won't lie about something as serious as having diabetes (be careful what you "wish" for) just to place free ads.  Many persons with diabetes choose to make a site donation even though they could do it for free, so the "good" guys help balance the deeds of the "bad" guys.

If you have a website or other advertisement that currently states how diabetes has affected your life, we will give you the benefit of the doubt too.  We do ask, that when you write to us, you tell us who you are, who has diabetes (yourself, spouse, or child), when they were diagnosed and permit us to use a first name, and general location, so that we can to add that information to your ad, identifying you as an Islets of Hope Member.

For example, we might embellish your ad, or event "brag" we are helping your business to grow:

Chordville USA
Musical Instruments at prices that will have you singing all the way home.

Chordville USA is an IOH Member Company owned by
the proud parents of Jared, type 1, age 3


We may also, at our discretion, add one or more, of the following icons to your Member Listing, to let persons know your business status:

      Business that supports IOH through paid or at-cost advertising rates
       Your business donates a portion of each sale to charitable diabetes causes
       Business is owned by a person living with diabetes or disorder associated with diabetes
     Business receives a thumbs up for favorable reviews as reported by customers


Please read our Rules for Advertising BEFORE you submit an ad to us.  


Joining the Members Announcement List                        MANDATORY FOR ALL ADVERTISERS

To advertise on our site, unless you are a major company that can be found in a Google or Yellow Pages search using relative link feed html ads, you must subscribe to our Members announcements list.  This is a read-only list and no one but IOH can post to this list.  Once a month a general announcement about advertising on our site is sent out to all  Members (free, at-cost, and paid advertisers).  You don't have to reply or do anything; this is just a good way to stay in contact with your business.

Why do I have to be on an e-mail list?

Many times, businesses who advertise are simply to busy to contact us and forget to update their links.  A monthly reminder that you have an ad on our site asking you to make sure we have your current information will help Islets of Hope and your business to look good!

Another reason we started the Member's announcement list is because businesses come and go on the Internet all the time.  We hate dead links and so do our clients.  Having you join the Members list is an easy way for us to keep in contact with you.  When you place your ad, your company e-mail address will automatically be subscribed to our Member list (we do all the work for you).  If your e-mail ever bounces back to us we will know to go check your company ad link to make sure all is well.  

Dead e-mail addresses or dead links will result in IOH pulling your ad from our site (without refund) so be sure to keep your information current for as long as you have an ad on our site, or, a listing in our Member's Directory.

Please read our Rules for Advertising BEFORE you submit an ad to us.


How to Submit Your Ad

A Very Important Notice:  IOH cannot offer refunds for ads.  Once you make your donation, it is final.  For this reason, we request that you contact us with an sample of your ad prior to making payment.  If, for any reason, there is a problem with placing your ad (i.e. inappropriate content for our site) you won't be out of a buck if you wait for ad approval before sending payment.

To place your ad just e-mail it to us at  Please include the following:

  • Your name or company contact name
  • Name of business
  • Business contact information (address, fax, phone, website, e-mail, etc.)
  • 3-4 sentences describing your business (this will go in your listing), products, service, or philosophy.
  • A brief summary of how diabetes has impacted your life, who (you, spouse, or child) in your life has diabetes.  If the person is your child, please include child's first name and age.  This information may be added to encase or promote your ad, or appear on site elsewhere, at the sole discretion of IOH.

BEFORE sending us files with attachments you must contact us to learn how to do this.  Otherwise, any e-mails we receive with attachments from you will be ignored as Spam with possible virus infection and discarded without being read.

When will my ad go up on the Islets of Hope website?

Ads will be placed on a test link site within five (5) business days of payment (most ads usually take less than 2 days).  You will be sent the test link to your ad so that you can look it over (that way, if we make a mistake, we won't make your company look bad).  

You have 30 days to:

  • Report any typos or problems with the ad (we will fix our mistakes for free within 24 hours of the day that you report them to us)
  • Approve it for final posting to the site.

If we don't hear from you within 30 days your ad will not be placed (sorry, no refunds).

Submissions Disclaimer.  Transmissions, submissions sent, mailed, or otherwise delivered, or communicated to IOH, including, but not limited to, e-mail postings to IOH or its lists or forums, images sent, stories, resource references, artwork  constitutes authorization by the sender for the IOH to use, display, or reference as it deems appropriate, all submitted materials, or any portion thereof.

Seller Beware!  If  you try and "dupe" IOH or make false, unethical, or illegal claims in your ad that take advantage of our site visitors, be aware the we will rate your company, by name, and based on factual data, report all "evil" doings on our list of "Snake Oil" companies.  

For more information about how to advertise on our site, please e-mail 



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