Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes

Advertising rules and guidelines

 IOH's Mission Statement includes helping out other businesses owned by persons living with diabetes.

Submissions disclaimer

Transmissions, submissions sent, mailed, or otherwise delivered, or communicated to IOH, including, but not limited to, e-mail postings to IOH or its lists or forums, images sent, stories, resource references, artwork  constitutes authorization by the sender for the IOH to use, display, or reference as it deems appropriate, all submitted materials, or any portion thereof.

Seller beware!

If  you try and "dupe" IOH or make false, unethical, or illegal claims in your ad that take advantage of our site visitors, be aware the we will rate your company, by name, and based on factual data, report all "evil" doings on our list of "Snake Oil" companies.  

The rules - in big print so there's no misunderstanding (we hate "fine print" stuff)

  • No "Snake Oil" advertising.  No claims are permitted that claim to cure or reverse diabetes, associated disorders, cosmetic, or medical issues that, according to the National Institutes of Health, Center For Disease Control, National Academy of Physicians, or the FDA, that are not considered curable.
  • No links or reroutes to "cure diabetes" sites.  (We do know that sometimes publishers change book titles and add the word "cure" while the inside of the book makes no such claim (i.e. The Diet Cure would be fine).  We do give consideration to ads on a case-by-case basis.  Contact for more information.
  • No pop-up ads are permitted.
  • No adult content or sexually explicit advertising is permitted.  Services and information related to sexual dysfunction (i.e., erectile dysfunction) may be described in non-sexual, medical terms.  No nudity or graphic images portraying genitalia are permitted.
  • No links to adult content sites, or sexually explicit, or pornographic material may be imbedded in ads (and yes, we check ALL the links you send us).
  • No links to "fluff sites."  These are sites that pretend to be information or resource sites but when you go there simply fill the page with Google and affiliate company ads.
  • No refunds for any reason whatsoever can be offered.
  •  No ad will contain any imbedded tracking, virus, spyware, or other information-gathering code (yes, we check).
  • Ads that are not kept current may, at the sole discretion of IOH, be deleted without refund or compensation.  This includes ads where links become "dead" links and no longer connect to a valid website, or, if "relative" links driven by another website draw blank images or fail to feed the ad.
  • IOH clients may file complaints against companies that advertise on our site.  If any company receives multiple complaints from consumers, IOH may, at its sole discretion, remove the ad without refund or compensation to the advertiser.
  • By placing an ad with IOH, all advertisers agree that they understand ALL information in ads can be viewed by anyone with Internet access.  IOH strongly encourages you not to post personal identifying information including home telephone numbers unless you really want people calling you there.  Be sure to list time zone information or hours acceptable to call.

  • IOH is not responsible for any action resulting from, or by, any person(s) who obtains or uses information found on IOH for any purpose whatsoever.  This shall include, but not be limited to, direct solicitation, indirect solicitation, mass marketing, spamming, virus attacks, or email or telephone harassment.
  • Advertisers agree that they will either maintain their ads to keep their information current, or, will request IOH to remove their ad.

For more information about how to advertise on our site, please e-mail  We will send you a complete information package via e-mail.


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