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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

What have we done for you lately?
Why I started Islets of Hope and, Inc.

There are many ways that you can help us.  Volunteer, donate diabetes and quilting supplies, tell others about our site, link to our site, and shop our Amazon store and through our Affiliate programs.  From  commissions we receive we are able to run this site and then donate ALL site profits to help others in need.  You can even just donate to help cover our web hosting costs.

2005 Site statistics:  23,172 pages were viewed on Islets of Hope.

2006 Site statistics:  As of 11/19/200  459,856 pages have been viewed.

2005 Accomplishments

  • Islets of Hope was founded, September 2005 and is an all-volunteer organization.
  • We immediately shut down Google AdSense ads when "cure for diabetes" products began appearing on our website.

2005 Donations

  • Raised over $1,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDRF) via  Walk for the Cure!
  • Donated $1,000 to, Inc.
  • Donated $100 diabetes medications to the Red Cross
  • Donated over $1,000 worth of diabetes supplies and insulin to the Baton Rouge office of the JDRF for Hurricane Katrina victims
  • In our first few months our website grew to just over 150 web pages by December of 2005.

2006 Accomplishments

  • June - Created Islets of Hope blog.
  • August - Created user forums.
  • September - Started the website to help fund, Inc.'s QD Quilts for Children with Diabetes program.
  • October - Added Real People, for others with diabetes to post their personal stories.
  • Throughout the year we added web pages to our site.  We now have more than 800 web pages of diabetes information!
  • Accredited by Health on the Net, certifying the quality and integrity of our site.
  • Received our ICRA (Internet Content Rating Award).
  • Registered and were accepted by the Better Business Bureau.
  • 2006 Donations

    • In October of 2006 Team Miracle Four was once again sponsored by Islets of Hope and raised more than $3,500 for the JDRF!
    • Contributions and donations to other diabetes charities and to individuals year-to-date include:
      • 49 brand new blood glucose test meters
      • 15 finished quilts to QD Quilts for Children
      • $1,500 in donated fabric and sewing supplies to QD Quilts for Children
      • $500 in donated insulin pump supplies
      • $1,000 in financial assistance to, Inc.
      • 5 free magazine subscriptions to families newly diagnosed with diabetes
      • 10 diabetes books sent to families newly diagnosed with diabetes
      • 25 additional diabetes books to, Inc. for distribution
      • 29 comfort Teddy Bears and buddies to children newly diagnosed
      • Free legal services to 5 families with insurance and discrimination problems at school


    Please, consider helping us.  When you do, you will be directly helping others who are living with diabetes.


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    Page Updated 12/22/2006