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Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer your time and talent to Islets of Hope we need:

List Moderators (will train and no technical experience required)

Become the moderator of an Islets of Hope list (we will provide you with an IOH email address) and help oversee a discussion list and report troubles to the lead moderator for action.

Staff Writers
We are especially interested in human interest and success stories and articles as well as features related to diabetes research and development.  

We also accept one-time submissions for those who do not wish to contribute on a regular basis.

Health Professionals
We would love to have more assistance in answering selected questions related to diabetes care (1-2 questions answered per month).

Education Professionals
If you can help answer questions about the school environment for children with diabetes or want to write articles about school scare, we'd love to hear from educators from all walks!  (home school educators included)

Marketing Professionals
Good at web marketing?  We can use your expertise to help get the word out about IOH and, Inc.

You can also donate your time and talents to  
In addition to the above-list volunteer opportunities at IOH, at, Inc. you can join a committee, help process patient applications, and more.


Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes                                     Volunteer Opportunities

Islets of Hope Volunteers
(yes, we don't pay them but we sure appreciate them!)

Lahle Wolfe
Founder of Islets of Hope
(and proud mother of the Miracle Four)

Lahle has been a leader in women's health advocacy issues since 1995.  She has type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and her story and advocacy work has been featured in the Washington Post, Woman's Day Magazine, Web MD, as well as several books about PCOS.  

When her daughter, Elizabeth was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only age 4, Lahle switched her focus from women's health to diabetes issues.  She is the founder of Islets of Hope and, Inc., and currently serves as a volunteer CEO and board member for, Inc.

Jeffrey Isaac Ehrlich
Attorney and Islets of Hope's "Ask the Lawyer" Host

Mr. Ehrlich, is a cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School,  and is certified by the State Bar of California as an appellate specialist. He works tirelessly for Islets of Hope and


The father of a child with type 1 diabetes, Jeff has felt the sting of discrimination against his own daughter in the public school system.  By offering legal advice through Islets of Hope's "Ask the Lawyer" column, he now helps others overcome their own struggles when faced with discrimination at school, the workplace, or by insurance companies.


J. Nadene Delaney
Director of Web Publications

Mrs. Delaney joined the IOH team in November 2005 bringing with her more than 20 years of professional editing and support services skills.  Nadene works insane hours behind the scenes tracking down broken links and pointing out all the little "boo-boos" that Lahle somehow misses when she uploads new web pages at 3 a.m.

(picture coming)

Tarra Hartl
Director of Online Communities

Tarra is our volunteer technical list "czarina."  She has multiple years of experience in handling large, email discussion lists and has volunteered her time to many nonprofit organizations in the past.  She is a master of tact and diplomacy when it comes to dealing with complicated medical discussions in list forums that can easily turn into heated debates.  Plus, she is always asking for more work!

We are fortunate to have Tarra join us at Islets of Hope.

ZZPic Sam.jpg

Samuel J. Henninger
IOH Teen and Siblings Support Lists Moderator

Sam is a perfect moderator for the teens list.  He is the old brother of a sister with type 1.  He understands diabetes and the sacrifices made by siblings of those with diabetes.  He brings a gentle wit and teen perspective to our lists for teens.  Sam , an honor-roll student in the 10th grade, is also an ace at problem-solving computer program crashes (yes, this has happened to us at IOH!).

Gamers may know Sam by his "alter ego," The Orange MGS."

and . . . the Miracle Four, of course!

 ZZPic Sam.jpg                pic/ZZPic Rachel.JPG                ZZPic Jon.JPG               
      Samuel                              Rachel                       Jonathan                        Elizabeth

 List moderator                    Gives input on          Entertains Elizabeth       Inspires me on a daily
 & computer guru                 site layout  &            so I can work & puts       basis and often colors or
 who more than once           shamelessly            encouraging love            sleeps on the floor beside me
 has recovered files             passes out my         notes on my pillow         so I won't get lonely
 and fixed system                 business cards        
crashes (I am pretty             to her friends
hard on my PC)



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