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A Healthy Lifestyle for People with Diabetes

The latest American Diabetes Association guidelines for healthy living with diabetes include:

Keep your weight normla; lose extra pounds if you have to.

Boost your carbohydrates to 50% of your calories.

Cut fat to 30% of your calories.

Back up your diet with regular exercise.

Diabetes Sports Forum

Diabetes 123 (Children with Diabetes) - Offers a sports and exercise question forum for persons with diabetes.  Extensive question/answer archive about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, sports, and fitness.  Read the archives, or post your own question.

Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association


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Diabetes and Sports
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Sports Articles for Persons with Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes and Sports Participation - An article by The Physician and

    "In Brief: Athletes with diabetes require intensive diabetes management to balance insulin, carbohydrate intake, and the effects of exercise. Effective care of active patients who have diabetes starts with a targeted preparticipation exam. Decreasing the insulin dosage may be necessary for heavier exercise programs if carbohydrate supplementation alone is insufficient. The documented risk for either hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis requires careful planning for training or competition. Analysis of 'high-risk' activities is essential to determine which may need to be modified, diminished, or restricted."

Diabetes and Wellness Foundation

    "The mission of the Diabetes and Wellness Foundation is to help diabetics and pre-diabetics live healthier lives through controlled exercise and mentored wellness regimens, all delivered online and through other mediums. has created a seamless link to the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, The Presidentís Challenge and other portals that will serve as a communications network for people searching for information about diabetes and wellness."

Starting a New Sport - Simple suggestions for starting a new sport

Exercising with Type 1 Diabetes during Pregnancy - Exercise during pregnancy is safe, we learn from Nicole Johnson Baker

Sports Nutrition: Supplements and Diabetes - Are supplements right for athletes with diabetes?

Smart Pumps and Sports: Using Insulin On Board - Smart pumps can help reduce the risk of over bolusing through Insulin on Board

Smart Pumps and Sports: Using Temporary Basal Rates - Adjust your basal rates for maximum performance while minimizing hypoglycemic risk

Blood Glucose Monitoring for Athletic Competition - Know your number for maximum performance and safety

Cheating Yourself Out of Your Workouts - Maximize the benefits of your exercise time

The After Exercise Blues - Tips for preventing post-exercise hypoglycemia

Youth Soccer Player Enjoys Competition - Kenny never thought about giving up soccer due to his diabetes.

Smart Pumps and Sports: To Wear the Pump or Not? - Do today's pumps work with athletics and sports?

Interview with Chris Dudley - Rick interviews Chris Dudley, who played center in the NBA and now runs a great basketball camp for teens with type 1 diabetes.

Weight Training & Diabetes -- Yes, it's Okay for Teenagers - Learn about integrating weight training -- also called strength training -- into your exercise program.

Top 10 Exercise Traps and Tips to Avoid Them - Exercising with diabetes can lead to unwanted traps and decreased performance . Taking a lead from David Letterman's top ten lists these recommended points can help anyone who has diabetes and wants to exercise

The Diabetes Research in Children Network (DirecNet) Study Group - The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Glucose and Counterregulatory Hormone Concentrations in Children With Type 1 Diabetes


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