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Van Gogh Study
Rachel, age 9
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Sophia - Del Mar, CA
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Last night, I grilled up a couple Porterhouse Steaks. Since Nicky loves steak, he asked for a small piece. So we asked him if he wanted to dip it in a little sauce (Peter Luger Sauce or A1, etc.), and said "Yes, I want to dip it in A1c sauce!"     Michael
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Islets of Hope art, literature, needlework, and other forums are open to anyone, any age, with any form of diabetes (or pre-diabetes).  We also welcome the works of siblings, parents, and grandparents of a child with diabetes.

See our Contacts page for more information on sending submissions.

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Children's Art
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Grownup's Art
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Needle Arts -  No, we don't mean tatoos or connecting the spotted red dots from shot therapy.  If you have diabetes and would like to show off your own handiwork send us a picture!   Children and adults, beginners and pros are welcome to share their handiwork.

Fun Facts, Free Fun Stuff, and Humor

Famous Blind People
Famous Diabetics
Famous Vegetarians (from our Lifestyles Section)

Diabetes Humor - Yes, even diabetes has humurous moments.

Diabetes Kids Speak - An hillarious glossary of terms right out of the mouths of babes!

Everyday Heroes - Everyday folks who help make diabetes easier. Read heartfelt thanks to friends, family, and praise for those with diabetes, or supporting a loved one with diabetes. Better yet!  YOU thank someone.  Tell us your own story and we will post it.

Fabulous Caregivers - Want to sing the praises of a diabetes educator, medical or mental health professional, hospital or clinic?  Or, tell the world about your babysitter, day care center, school, or a teacher?   Tell us about anyone that cares for children or adults with diabetes who deserves some recognition because high praise is better than high blood sugars!

Puzzles and Games - This section is still under development but we have a couple features for fun (things that are a total waste of time but free like links to game and puzzle making sites great for home schoolers).

    Mad-Lib - Insert words and come up with an interesting take on an historical figure.

    Birthday Finder - Want to know the day of the week that you were born?  Use our "Birthday Finder!"



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