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Books by Famous Diabetics

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Living with Diabetes: Nichole Johnson, Miss America 1999   Nicole Johnson
Living with Diabetes: Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999:  Forget everything you thought you knew about the Miss America Pageant. After reading Nicole Johnson's Book "Living with Diabetes," it's clear this independent-thinking reformer immediately stepped off her pageant runway and into the trenches as a hands-on activist, lobbying for more comprehensive medical funding as well as raising both public consciousness and millions of dollars for diabetes research, forever metamorphosing public opinion along the way.

"Living with Diabetes" is classic American autobiography at its finest--candid, funny, introspective and inspiring--and is destined to become the great American success story of this decade.

At Home with Gladys Knight   Gladys Knight
At Home With Gladys Knight:  Gladys Knight doesn't have diabetes, but the disease is never far from her mind. Her mother, Elizabeth Knight, died of complications in 1998 after living successfully with diabetes for 40 years.

Following her mother's death, Gladys started the Elizabeth Knight Fund with the American Diabetes Association to help people living with diabetes. The singing legend has also been eating healthfully and exercising regularly for many years.  At Home With Gladys Knight's is more than a collection of recipes. It's an inspirational guide that people with diabetes can use to lead a full and healthy life with the disease.

Did You know?

The nation's six leading causes of death: heart disease, stroke, cancer, COPD, accidents, and diabetes.  We still need a cure!

Islets of Hope sends a special thanks to all the celebrities who donate time and resources to put diabetes on the Nation's health agenda.

Celebrities with Diabetes

Delta Burke, Type 2

Dick Clark, Type 2

Dale Evans, Type 2

B.B. King, Type 2 and "Lucille"

Brett Michaels, Type 1

Mary Tyler Moore, Type 1

Jackie Robinson, Type 1

Personal Stories about others with diabetes

To order, click on any link or book image.  To order more than one  book simply use your   back browser after entering the Amazon site to return to this page. All items will remain in your Amazon cart.

Needles   Andie Dominick
Needles:  The story of one family's experience coping with disease. Andie knew all about needles because her older sister Denise was diabetic and she used them daily for insulin shots. As young children, Andie and her brother picked the used ones out of the trash and played with them. Then, when the author was nine, she herself was diagnosed as diabetic and the games were over. Needles became the instruments she needed to manage her life, literally and figuratively. She learned what powerful instruments they could be when, at 21, she found her sister dead as a result of neglect and self-abuse. The story is not a pretty one, but it does illustrate the control one has over some of life's seemingly uncontrollable situations. This fact is important for teens to learn and understand. Dominick, who was about 26-years-old when she wrote this book, relates her experience in a way that will appeal to young adults.

 Sweet Invisible Body   Lisa Roney
Sweet Invisible Body: More than 16 million people in the United States have diabetes. Despite the ability of medicine to control the disease partially, its long-term complications make it the sixth leading cause of death in this country. Diabetics are more likely to suffer from heart disease, strokes, blindness, renal disease, and lower-limb amputations. Roney was diagnosed with diabetes in 1972, just before her 12th birthday, and her life has been indelibly marked by the physical and psychological effects of the disease. Candid, beautifully written, and touching, this exploration of the hidden sequelae of diabetes will spark recognition in anyone who lives with a chronic condition, especially those physical and psychological conditions that are invisible to casual observers. Suitable for the general public and highly recommended for all libraries.

   Show Down with Diabetes   Deb Butterfield
Showdown With Diabetes:  Butterfield was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10; at age 34 she received a successful pancreas/kidney transplant, and was cured of the disease. Five years later, Butterfield takes only small daily oral doses of immunosuppressive drugs to prevent organ rejection, and she is the director of the Insulin-Free World Foundation, devoted to finding cures for diabetes. Here she first chronicles her own struggle with the disease and then offers similarly affected readers a thorough, up-to-date guide to current research and future possibilities for their own cures. Butterfield makes crystal clear from the outset that the burden of having diabetes is ``grossly underestimated'' by medical professionals and the general public. Butterfield rejects out of hand the standard establishment line (see Touchette, below) that careful disease management leads to healthy living. Despite her adhering religiously to her treatment regimen, ``within a four-year period diabetes killed the nerves below my knees, caused bleeding in the back of my eyes, the amputation of part of a toe, a skin graft''and that was before the kidney failure and heart attack that finally led to her transplant operation. As Butterfield points out, the focus of diabetes research has been management; her mission is to refocus onto finding cures. This is a forceful, eloquent, engrossing, and ultimately convincing argument.





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Famous people with diabetes

Celebrities, Musicians, Authors, Althletes, Business Professionals,
Leaders, and Scientists



Note:  If it is known that someone is type 1 their name appears highlighted in red text.


Raul 'Chubby' Castillo, a 57 year old man with type 2 diabetes from Venezuela, recently broke a world record by swimming for 24 hours without stopping.  Read


Adderly, Nat - Jazz Muscian

Akram, Wasim - Pakistani Cricket Fast Bowler

Andropov, Yuir - Soviet Premier

Anthony, Piers - Science Fiction Writer

Ashe, Arthur - Tennis; Wimbledon Winner

Assad, President Hafiz al - President of Syria

Baker, Nicole Johnson - dLifeTV co-host; Miss  America 1999; author and diabetes advocate

Barnes, Walter - NFL (Philadelphia Eagles), turned actor

Barret, Syd - Singer for Pink Floyd

Barry, Marion - Former Mayor Of Washington, DC

Bartlett, Richard - Screenwriter

Begin, Menachem - Primer Minister of Israel

Benny, Jack - Comedian



Berry, Halle - Actress (Monster's Ball, X-Men, Die Another Day)

Bina, Sarah - Championship clogger

Block, Samuel - Civil Rights Activist

Brimley, Wilford - Actor (Cocoon, The China Syndrome)

Brown, Anthony J. - Actor (Drumline), comedian, radio personality, dLifeTV co-host

Brown, Danny Joe - Singer (Molly Hatchet)

Brown, James - Singer ("The Godfather of Soul")

Bunch, Ralph - Nobel Peace Winner, U.N. Diplomat

Bunche, Ralph - Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Burke, Delta - Actress (Designing Women) Miss Florida, Miss USA

Byle, Ayden

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Cagney, James - Actor (Public Enemy, Angels With Dirty Faces, Yankee Doodle Dandy)
Cairns, Douglas - Pilot; first type 1 to fly around the world and raise money for the cause

Carpentier, Fran - Parade Magazine Editor

Carter, Nell - Singer, actress (Gimme a Break)

Cash, Johnny - Musician ("'The Man in Black")

Cezanne, Paul - Artist

Channing, Carol - Singer and actress (Hello, Dolly)

Chase, Sylvia - Journalist (20/20)

Childress, Alvin - Actor (Amos & Andy)

Clark, Dick - Entertainer, television producer

Clarke, Bobby - NHL (Philadelphia Flyers)

Cobb, Ty - MLB (Detroit Tigers)

Coleman, Scott - 1st man w/diabetes to swim the English Channel, (08/17/1996)

Collie, Mark - Country Singer

Conkling, James - Founder, National Academy Recording Arts & Sciences; helped create Grammy Award

Crosby, David - Singer (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)


Davidson, Bill - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Davidson, John - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Davis, Miles - Jazz musician

Devlin, Paddy - Co-founder of the Social Democrat and Labor party in Northern Ireland

Doohan, James - Actor (scotty from Star Trek)

Dougls, James "Buster" - Boxer

Duckette, Kenny - NFL (New Orleans Saints)

Dudley, Chris - NBA (New York Knicks center)

Dudley, Rick - Hockey

Dunton, Scott - World class surfer

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Echols, Mike - NFL (Tennessee Titans)

Edison, Thomas - Inventor of the light bulb, phonograph

Elliott, Mama Cass- Singer (Mamas and the Papas)

Evans, Dale - Entertainer (The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show)


Fahd, King - King of Saudi Arabia

Fernandes, Pam - Para Olympian

Fitzgerald, Ella - Singer

Fleetwood, Mick - Musician (Fleetwood Mac)

Foster, Tom - Former head of Foster Poultry Farms, one of the nation’s top privately held companies

Franklin, Aretha - Singer, "The Queen of Soul"

Franklin, Melvin - Singer

Frasier, Curt - NHL (Chicago Black Hawks)

Frazier, "Smokin' Joe" - Boxer
Freeman, Kris
- US Olympic cross country skiing team

Furst, Stephen - Actor (Animal House)


Garber, Victor - Actor (Alias, Titanic, First Wives Club, Sleepless in Seattle)

Garcia, Jerry - Singer, Musician (Grateful Dead)

Garcia, Rodolfo - AP Reporter

Gherra, W. L. - Payless Drugs
Ghostface Killah - Rapper, member of Wu-Tang Klab

Gibbs, Joe - NFL Washington Redskins coach

Gillespie, Dizzy - Jazz Musician

Gleason, Jackie - Actor (The Honeymooners, Smokey and the Bandit, The Hustler)

Goodman, Linda - Author (Sunsigns)

Gregory, Dorian - Actor (Baywatch Nights, Charmed, The Other Half)

Gullickson, Bill - MLB (Cincinnati Reds pitcher)


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Hall, Gary, Jr. - US Olympic Gold Medalist (swimming)

Hamblin, Jim - California newsman

Hayes, Jonathan - NFL (PittsburghSteelers, Kansas City Chiefs)

Heidenrich, Chuck - Skier

Hemingway, Ernest - Author (For Whom the Bell Tolls; A Farewell to Arms; The Sun Also Rises)

Hewitt, Jay - Iron Man triathlete

Hill, Dana - Actress (Shoot the Moon, European Vacation)

Hollins, Dave - 1993 Phillies World Series Third Baseman

Huckabee, Mike - Arkansas Governor

Hunter, James "Catfish" - MLB Baseball Hall-of-Famer (baseball)


Ice, Cynthia - Lotus Development

Isley, Marvin - Singer (The Isley Brothers)


Jackson, Mahalia - Gospel Singer

Jacobsen, Phebe Robinson - Archivist who worked w/Alex Haley on Roots

James, Rick - Singer ("Super Freak" Funk Legend)

Janklow, Bill - Former South Dakota Governor and Representative

Jarvis, Chris - World Champion Canadian rower

Jennings, Waylon - Country Singer

Jingsheng, Wei - Chinese Dissident

Johnson, Jason - MLB (Pitcher, Detroit Tigers)

Johnson, Nicole - Miss America, 1999


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Kahury, Herbert "Tiny Tim" - Singer

Karz, Zippora - Ballet teacher, former NYC Ballet Soloist

Kelly, Walt - Cartoonist, writer, illustrator, artist (Pogo comic)

Kesey - Novelist (One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest)

Keuhne, Kellie - LPGA golfer

King, B.B. - Blues singer and musician

King, Billy Jean - Tennis

King, Larry - Talk Show Host

Kolter, Joseph - Representative (Pennsylvania)

Krock, Ray - Founder of McDonald’s

Krol, Cardinal John - Previous Roman Catholic Bishop

Kruschev, Nikita - Soviet Premier


LaBelle, Patty - Soul Singer

LaGuardia, Fiorello - Former Mayor of New York City

Lee, Peggy - Jazz singer, Grammy winner

Lee, Tommy - Drummer (Motley Crue)
Leeuewenberg, Jason - Sports caster, former Indianapolis Colts)

Leverich, Lyle - Biographer

Lloyd, James - Congressman (California)

Love, Mother - Entertainer, author, motivational speaker, dLifeTV co-host

Lucas, George - Director and producer (Star Wars, American Graffiti, Raiders of the Lost Ark)

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Mandela, Winnie - South Africa Anti-Apartheid Leader

Mather, Jerry - Actor (Leave it to Beaver)

Mayfield, Curtis - Soul singer

McCafferry, Steve - Canadian Author, Poet

McGann, Michelle - LPGA golfer

Michaels, Bret - Singer (Poison)

Minot, Dr. George - 1st person with diabetes to receive Nobel Prize for Medicine

Moore, Mary Tyler - Actress (Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ordinary People); diabetes advocate

Morrison, Adam - Basketball (Gonzaga University)

Mulligan, Richard - Actor (Soap, Empty Nest)


Nasser, Gamal - Former Leader of Egypt

Nealon, Kevin - Comedian


O'Conner, Carroll - Actor (All in the Family, Heat of the Night)

Overall, Park - Actress (Empty Nest)


Parker, Tim - "Gift of Gab," rapper for hip hop group Blackolicious
Pember, David - MLB (Milwaukee Brewers)

Pirner, Connie - Teaching consultant for National Geographic

Presley, Elvis - Singer and guitarist
Pump Girls - Professional singing group of 4 young girls all TYpe 1 on insulin pumps

Puzo, Mario - Author (The Godfather)


Redgrave, Sir Steven - Winner of 5 consecutive Olympic gold medals (rowing)

Reese, Della - Actress, singer (Touched by an Angel)

Reichert, Dan - MLB (Kansas City Royals)

Rice, Anne - Author (Interview With a Vampire)

Robinson, Jackie - Baseball player

Robinson, Sugar Ray - Boxer

Roemer, Buddy - Governor (Louisiana)

Rolle, Esther - Actress (Good Times)

Rowan, Carl - Nationally-syndicated columnist and author

Rubicam, Milton - Known as “Dean of American Genealogists”

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Sadat, Anwar - President of Egypt

Santo, Ron - MLB (Chicago Cubs legend)

Schofield, Sue - U.K. CompuServe Author

Seacomb, Sir Harry - President of British Diabetes Association

Simmons, Kendall - NFL (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Sinclair, Mike - NFL (Philadelphia Eagles)

Smart, Jean - Actress (Designing Women)

Smith, Hubert - (and son, George) - President, Bermuda Diabetes Association

Stone, Sharon - Actress (Basic Instinct) 

Stram, Hank - NFL (Kansas City Chiefs Coach)

Stritch, Elaine - Comedian



Taylor, Elizabeth - Actress (National Velvet, Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Thompson, Leonard - 1st person to receive insulin injection at the age of 12

Turner, Jim - Actor (Bewitched, Arliss), dLifeTV co-host


Valenciano, Gary - Philipinno singer

Vandross, Luther - Singer

Verplank, Scott - PGA golfer


Webber, Andrew Lloyd - Composer (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Phantom of the Opera

Wells, H. G. - Author (War of the Worlds; The Time Machine; The Invisible Man)

West, Mae - Actress (My Little Chickadee, I'm No Angel)

Whitfield, Norman - Grammy winning R&B songwriter & record producer


Young, Neil - Singer and guitarist




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