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Did you know that there are scholarships available to children with diabetes seeking higher education?

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Diabetes Quilting-Dee(TM)
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Welcome to the IOH Quilting Dee where you can proudly display your quilts and other needle arts (no, not the shot therapy kind of needles).  




This is a brand new section to our website.  Please help us to grow by sharing your talents with others.


Got Art?  Literature?  Needle arts and crafts?   We would be proud to display the works  from any  family member of a child with diabetes, or anyone with diabetes, including pre-diabetes.  We need literary submissions including, essays, editorials, and humor, as well as art, needle art, and pictures of diabetes events.  And don't forget to send us pictures of your quilt for diabetes!  

Please see our Contact page for instructions on how to submit items for this page.


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