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Is an insulin pump the right choice for you or your child? More than 450,000 people worldwide are currently using an insulin pump.

Insulin pumping can help put control back into the lives of diabetics who use daily insulin.  Pumps are clinically proven to be effective in improving A1c levels, and make life easier when managing food choices and exercise – even blood sugar changes resulting stress and illness are simpler to manage on an insulin pump.

Do you have a someone you would like to thank for helping you deal with diabetes?

Send us your story about your favorite teacher, health care provider, family member, friend, or anyone in your life that makes living with diabetes easier for you or your child see the Contact Page for submission guidelines.


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The World of Diabetes Described In Their Own Words

A1c:  Any diabetes-friendly version of steaksauce.

Blood Boogers:  What we get when we cry from finger pricks.

Boluses:  The things you get on your finger pads that makes them tougher (calouses).

Cryboohydrate:  Foods like candy and french fires that make you cry because you cannot have them!

Dia-bee-bees:  Because of all the stings you get!

Downstairs:  Low blood sugar.

Downstairs on the Floor:  A really bad blood sugar crash.

Home Home In The Range, My Dear You Can Go Out To Play:  What mom sings to me when my blood sugars are good!

L-O-W:  The word mom spells out to warn me and my brother when my little sister is acting all weird.

On The Roof:  Really high blood sugars.

Peetones:  What we check when we have to pee on a stick.

Red Moles:  The red bumps you get after shots and finger sticks.

Giggle Test:  Toe and foot tickles you get when someone checks your feet to see if they are okay.

Glu-gross:  Any fast sugar, like gel, that tastes gross.

Upstairs:  High blood sugars, as in "my sugars are "upstairs."



If you have a funny word or phrase you'd like to share, please see our Contacts page






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