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Glu-gross:  Any fast sugar, like gel, that tastes gross.  
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A non-humorous Note

Someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes every 30 seconds. Diabetes kills someone every 3 minutes.

We need a cure in the next 3 minutes.

Please give time and resources generously to the organization of your choice and talk to people about diabetes.  Diabetes is the nation's largest health care problem and it receives a fraction of attention and funding of that spent on other diseases.


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Sweet laughter  
diabetes humor

Last night, I grilled up a couple Porterhouse Steaks. Since Nicky loves steak, he asked for a small piece. So we asked him if he wanted to dip it in a little sauce (Peter Luger Sauce or A1, etc.), and said "Yes, I want to dip it in A1c sauce!"                                          Michael

Our 3 year old son Bretton (now 4.5 years old), diagnosed at 2, came into the kitchen one day balancing the bathroom sink cup carefully in his hands. I looked at him wondering what he was up to and he piped up, "Look mom, I'm checking my ketones!" Guess what was splashing around inside!    Shelly

My 9-year old diabetic daughter and her 6-year old non-d sister were having a discussion about flies. They were arguing whether or not flies had meat. If they did not have meat, they did not have protein; therefore, they were a free food.    Adriana

"Home, home in the range, my dear you can go out to play."  This is what my mom sings to me when my blood sugars are good and I get to go outside!      Jon

My six-year-old daughter's catch-all phrase for when she feels a need for a sugar check is "I'm shaky."  One day we were listening to the radio when Rooney came on singing "Sha-sha shakin', I'm shakin'..." and she squealed with delight.  She thought that the lead singer was diabetic and trying to let the world know what it was like to be "shaky."  Now it is "her" song and we sing it together all the time.   Lahle

From Children With Diabetes Website:

You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when ...

  1. All three of your children request the "A1C Steak Sauce" at the dinner table.
  2. The makeup case you used to carry in your purse is replaced with an emergency diabetes kit for your child.
  3. Your child asks you if "water proof" means "toilet proof" in reference to the pump.
  4. You watch your teen push his peas and carrots onto his fork with his insulin pump instead of with another utensil.
  5. While driving in the car with your diabetic child, a radio show asks listeners to call in with the answer to the question, "What do parents most often say to their kids?" and your daughter answers, "Did you bolus?"
  6. Your two-year-old non diabetic says "me too" to get her blood checked and wears an old monitor around her waste in a pump pouch.
  7. Medical students come and ask YOU about pediatric endocrinology.
  8. For Halloween, your child dresses up as a sharps box.
  9. Your endo is in your family picture.
  10. When your parents answer the phone, the first thing they say is "What's wrong???"




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