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Article by Lahle Wolfe, Founder, Islets of Hope.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some, don't even have diabetes!

Is there someone in your life that inspires you?  Maybe the way your child gets through each day, or a spouse, friend, or co-worker goes to special length to understand and support your walk through life with diabetes?  Did your dog nuzzle you awake late one night in the middle of a crash?

Your story does not have to be "ABC Headline News."  If someone is important to you, then they are important to us as well and we'd like to help you thank them!

Visit our Contact Us to learn how you can submit your thanks and praise.

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Ordinary heroes
People who make a difference in our lives simply by caring

This week, I wish to thank "Brandon," waiter at the Red Robin Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  February, 2006

I took my children on a rare, eat-out excursion to Red Robin.  It was a Saturday night and the place was really packed.  Elizabeth ordered a meal, began eating, and assured me that yes, she was going to eat her fries (another rare treat in her life).  She's on a pump so I went ahead and bolused her to cover half the fries, and half her grilled cheese, in her case, 2 units of insulin.

20 minutes into the meal she was still picking at her food and had changed her mind; she wasn't going to eat anymore. Period.  (This is a very rare attitude for Elizabeth, but we were celebrating "TOD-Day" (her 2 year anniversary of Triumphing Over Diabetes Day since her diagnosis and I think she was feeling a little too reflective, or having some latent denial).  

Without food, 2 units on rapid insulin amounts to a correction bolus for her that would lead to a drop of 600 points!  So I flagged our waiter and explained that we needed a dessert, something chocolate, and sweet, and fast (and why).  

He was back at our table in less than 3 minutes with the perfect sugary dessert to entice Elizabeth to eat.

Sometimes, little things help us a lot.  Knowing that the waiter "got it" and acted so quickly, avoided a confrontation with Elizabeth and a need to hand her a bunch of fast sugars from my purse.

To all who care, and seek to understand and accommodate, thank you.

Lahle Wolfe
Founder, Islets of Hope

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Page Updated 03/14/2006