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Artwork by Grownups Living with Diabetes

We want your art submissions so you won't think us vain by filling up this space with a lot of our own stuff.   Whether you are a Van Gogh or a stick-figure artist and diabetic, or the parent, sibling, or grandparent  of a diabetic child send us your best (or worst) art to share with others.

Sophia's Lady; Sophia - Del Mar, CA,

Virginia Leaves; Lahle - Upland, CA

Jarred Lightening; Lahle - Upland, CA

Washed Iris; Elizabeth's Mom (okay, okay, Lahle)

Shark; Sophia - Del Mar, CA

Got Art?  Send us your child's, their sibling's, or even your own art, poetry, or short stories for our  Kids Corner!

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Page Updated 03/14/2006