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Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test - $ 24.95

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Preventive Care & Glucose Testing
About Glucose Meters
Glucose Monitoring & Meters
Terms to Be Familiar With
Lancet & Lancing Device Tips
"Less-Pain" Finger Sticks
Summary: Glucose Testing Tips
Important Tips for Accuracy
Special Care Tips for Children

From our Diabetes News Headlines section

Diabetes self-test available in supermarkets - A self-test for diabetes can now be purchased from local supermarkets. Dr Anthony Bransgrove developed the test because of concerns about the growing number of undiagnosed sufferers of type II diabetes.  05/09/2006

Diabetes: 3 Commonly Missed Tests - The U.S. government reports that most adults with diabetes aren't getting three annual medical tests recommended for diabetes patients.  05/02/2006

Blood Test to Predict Diabetes In Children - Medical researchers at the Sophia Children?s Hospital and Rotterdam Erasmus University have developed a reliable blood test to diagnose diabetes in children at an early stage. The test allows them to predict the development of the condition with a reliability of 50%.  01/24/2000

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Tests related to diabetes, disorders associated with diabetes and complications of diabetes

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Celiac disease

(Chart) Antibodies testing comparison between type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

C-peptide tests
What is a C-peptide test and what does it measure?
Why is this test helpful?
What can C-peptide test results indicate?
(Chart) C-peptide test:  Possible meaning of test results
What is a C-peptide stimulation test?
What can affect the accuracy of C-peptide tests?
How can using Byetta affect a C-peptide test?

--  What causes this decrease in values?
If I am on Byetta, how often will I need a C-peptide test?

Fructosamine test
What is fructosamine?
What is a fructosamine test?
What does the test show?
What are normal values for a fructosamine test? (chart)
Who might benefit from having a fructosamine test done?
Things that may have an effect on fructosamine test results
When might fructosamine test results not be accurate?  

HbA1c test
What is an HbA1c test?
How is the test done?
How often should I have an HbA1c done?
Why can't I just perform HbA1c home tests?
What do the test results show?
What HbA1c level is "good" for persons with diabetes?
HbA1c Results & Equivalent Avg. Blood Glucose Level (Chart)
When might an HbA1c not be accurate?

Insulin test

Chart - Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) (non-pregnant)

Chart - OGGT during pregnancy

Glucose challenge test (pregnant women)


Monitoring Your Blood Glucose

Testing for urine ketones

Thyroid tests


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