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From our Diabetes Research Section

Latest Research - Pancreas Islet Cell Transplant
What is islet transplantation?
About the pancreas
Islet cells and two important hormones they make
Research updates
Islet cell transplant centers

Latest Research - Pancreas (Organ) Transplant
What is a pancreas?
Islet Functions
Islets Transplantation
Research Developments
Transplantation: Benefits, Risks, and Obstacles
Immunosuppression Drugs

More Information

Diabetes tests
C-peptide test
Stimulation C-peptide test
Fructosamine test

More tests...


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test - $ 39.95

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Preventive Care & Glucose Testing
The HbA1c Test
Fructosamine Tests
About Glucose Meters
Glucose Monitoring & Meters
Terms to Be Familiar With
Lancet and Lancing Device Tips
"Less-Pain" Finger Sticks
Quick Summary of Glucose Testing Tips
Important Tips for Accuracy
Special Care Tips for Children

Insulin Therapy
Conventional vs. Intensive
    Insulin Therapy
Insulin Delivery Devices

Insulin Information
History of Insulin
Types of Insulin
Reactions to Insulin
What is insulin?
What is insulin used for?
Side Effects of Insulin
How is insulin manufactured?
Contents of Insulin

Action of Commonly Prescribed Insulin (chart)

The right insulin therapy can reduce the risk of long-term complications

Description of Types of Injected Insulin Available
-- Animal insulin
Chemically modified insulins
Non-hexameric insulins
Aspart insulin
Lispro insulin
Shifted isoelectric point insulin
Glargine insulin
Detemir insulin
Inhaled Insulin

Insulin Pump Therapy
Pump Therapy
Insulin Pump Studies
Types of Insulin Pumps
Pumping Resources
Tips for Pumpers
What does an insulin pump do?

Insulin Shot Therapy
Insulin Pens (general information)
Shot Therapy (information & how to inject)
Step-by-Step Guide to Using Insulin Pens
How do I inject insulin using a syringe or an insulin pen?
What are conventional and intensive (flexible) insulin therapies?

You may also be interested in our diabetes research section

What are stem cells?

What's new in stem cell research?

Ethics & Politics of Stem Cell Harvesting & Research

Treatment with Stem Cells, Research & Reality

Diabetes & Stem Cell Research & Development

Clinical Trial & Study Links
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Mini Site Index
Treatment options for diabetes

Complimentary Treatments
Alternative & Complementary Mini Site Index
Biofeedback, Meditation & Prayer
Chiropractic Care
Diabetes "Cures"
Herbals & Natural Remedies
Vitamins and Supplements

Conventional Diabetes Treatment & Care
Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 2 
Gestational Diabetes
Diabetes Insipidus
Treating Hypoglycemia
Treating Hyperglycemia
Monitoring Your Blood Glucose
How to Give a Glucagon Shot
Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes Medications

Glucophage (metformin)
Insulin (see left-hand sidebar)

Listing by Drug Class
Anti-Diabetic Drugs
Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
Oral Insulin
Experimental Agents

Listing by Drug Name

Lifestyle Approaches to Diabetes Management
Main Diabetes Lifestyle Site Index
Diabetes and Exercise
Diabetes and Sports
Diabetes & Diet/Meal Planning
Stress Management
Lifestyle Changes

Transplants and Cutting Edge Treatment

Pancreas (organ) Transplant
The Pancreas
Pancreas Transplant
Partial Pancreas Transplant
Types of Pancreas Transplant Surgery

Pancreatic Islet Transplant
What is a pancreas?
Islet Functions
Islets Transplantation
Research Developments
Transplantation: Benefits, Risks, and Obstacles
Immunosuppression Drugs

More Information

Islet Cell Transplant Links (from our "Research" section)   


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