Islets of Hope treatment options for persons with diabetes

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Diabetes treatment options

Insulin Pump Therapy
Insulin Pump Resources and Information Site Links

If you copy our list of links for your own site, we'd really appreciate it if you would add a link to our site as well.  Your support and mention of will help others with diabetes.  We now donate 100% of the profits from our website to nonprofit diabetes organizations that purchase insulin, diabetes medications, and supplies for others in need.

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Companies Licensed To Sell Insulin Pumps in the U.S. and Canada

  • Animas - Manufactures the IR-1250, IR-1200, and manufactures and sells refurbished IR-1000 pumps.  As of 10/2005 Animas offers a free iPod nano with purchase of an Animas pump.
  • DANA Diabecare USA - Distributes  the Dana Diabecare II pump made in Seoul, Korea – however, be aware that in July of  2005 the FDA wrote a warning to DANA Diabecare that it had improperly reported pump problems that had caused serious harm to some of their users.
  • Medtronic MiniMed - Manufactures the Paradigm family of insulin pumps and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) .
  • Nipro Diabetes Systems (currently is not shipping pumps) Manufactures: Amigo Pump.
  • Roche (formerly Disetronic) - Manufacturer of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit, H-TRONplus, and D-TRONplus, however Roche is not currently licensed to ship pumps to the U.S. or Canada but has received FDA approval for sale of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit in the U.S. and Canada (may be available sometime late 2005).
  • Smiths Medical MD, Inc. – Manufactures the Deltec Cozmo® pump.
Financial Assistance

Personal Experiences With Insulin Pumping

Other Pump-Related Web Sites For More Information



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