Islets of Hope for persons with diabetes

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Free Printouts

Daily Diabetes Record
Record food, insulin, activity.  Choose from several charts.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia
Print out this emergency sheet and carry it with you to tell others what to do in case you suffer from low blood glucose.

Emergency Medical Information Card

Fast Reference:  Symptoms and treatment for high and low blood glucose.  Handy reference tool for caregivers.



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Mini Site Index

Hyperglycemia & hypoglycemia
Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Hyperglycemia (also called high blood sugar, or high blood glucose)
Site index for Hyperglycemia

Hypoglycemia (also called, low blood sugar, or low blood glucose)
Site index for Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia in Non-Diabetic Persons
Site index for Hypoglycemia
Reactive Hypoglycemia
Fasting Hypoglycemia
Other Causes for Hypoglycemia

Two types of hypoglycemia can occur in people who do not have diabetes: reactive (postprandial, or after meals) and fasting (postabsorptive).  Reactive hypoglycemia is not usually related to any underlying disease; fasting hypoglycemia often is.

See insulinomas, and tests for diabetes for more information about detecting and determining the cause(s) of hypoglycemia.



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