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Why you should join a support list even if you don’t need support.

Lahle and her daughter, Elizabeth have diabetes

Join a diabetes support list

Dear Friend;

I have diabetes and I am the parent of a child with diabetes and so I can speak both from the heart as well as from personal experience.

Support lists are not just for those who need to know they are not alone and who are looking for answers.  Support lists are also for those who have made their peace with diabetes and have already found answers to their own questions.

You may know everything diabetes and have it licked cleaner than a puppy licks a bowl, but you can still benefit from joining a support list.  If you have overcome your own challenges you will serve as an inspiration to those still struggling, and that is a good, empowering feeling to have. 

Perhaps Winston Churchill said it best:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

When someone is diagnosed ith diabetes they often feel alone, overwhelmed, and in need of answers as much as encouragement. They may seek out support groups for consolation or for advice but most of all people with diabetes need the reassurance that they are not destined to be another medical statistic -- they need to talk with those who are living successfully with diabetes.  Therefore, the best support groups represent two types of people with diabetes:  those who are struggling and those who have overcome. 

Everyone has something to give.  Whether it is words of advice from experience or even offering something as simple as a smile, we all have something to give.  And by helping others we also give ourselves a reason to smile.

So remember, even if you feel like you don’t need support there are plenty of folks who do.  Consider that the best support does not from peers in the trenches, but from those who have paved the way and can say “It’s okay.  You’ll get there.  I did.”  People who have diabetes need to also have hope.

Whether you need support or don’t, support lists truly are for everyone.  I hope you will join us, soon.

Lahle Wolfe
Founder, Islets of Hope


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Page Updated 02/09/2007