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Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

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California State Diabetes Insurance Coverage Laws

Federal Laws Pertaining to Persons with Diabetes

Diabetes Assistance Programs

The Ehrlich Law Firm

Legal Counsel in Southern California for diabetics and others who have trouble with their insurance policies

Diabetes Laws

California - State Laws Affecting Diabetes Care in Schools
Services for Students with Diabetes in California Public Schools
Questions and Answers for California Parents and Guardians of Diabetic Children

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  1. What is the California diabetes school care lawsuit, and why was it filed?

  2. What has the California Department of Education agreed to do as part of the settlement of the lawsuit?

  3. Where will needed diabetes care happen?

  4. What federal laws protect my child?

  5. What diabetes health related services must my child’s school provide?

  6. Can my child be denied needed services because of a district policy that applies to all students with diabetes?

  7. Which school personnel can administer glucagon to my child?

  8. Which school personnel can administer insulin to my child?

  9. Can my child be forced to go to a different school to get diabetes care?

  10. Will I have to sign a waiver of liability before my child can receive needed care?

  11. What academic services and modifications is my child entitled to receive?

  12. What do I need to know if my child attends school in one of the districts involved in this lawsuit (the San Ramon Valley Unified School District or the Fremont Unified School District)?

  13. What should I do to make sure my child receives needed care?

  14. What if I need to make a formal complaint?

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