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Information for this article was compiled and edited by Lahle A. Wolfe, Islets of Hope.

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Article Sources

National Conference of State Legislatures

Government Accountability Office (GAO) report number GAO-05-210 entitled "Managing Diabetes: Health Plan Coverage of Services and Supplies;" released on March 28, 2005.

Federal Laws Pertaining to Persons with Diabetes

Diabetes Assistance Programs

Diabetes Laws

Alabama - State Diabetes Insurance Coverage Laws

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IMPORTANT!  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) reports that some persons with diabetes may be eligible for private insurance for a limited time through Blue Cross. Restrictions apply.  Visit the ADA website to learn more.  07/12/2007


Alabama has no mandated diabetes coverage insurance laws.  This means that you can be turned down for an individual insurance policy due to a medical condition.  However, if you are HIPPA Eligible, you may qualify for the state's high-risk insurance pool.

Summary of Provisions

  • Requirement related to diabetes? No
  • Diabetes Education services covered?  No
  • Medical nutritional therapy covered?  No
  • Diabetes supplies covered?  No
  • Specified supplies covered?  No

Durable Medical Equipment Coverage

There are no laws mandating coverage of durable medical equipment for diabetes care.

Prescription Drug Coverage of Diabetes Supplies

There are no laws mandating prescription coverage of diabetes medications, insulin, or supplies.

Alabama Insurance Department - (334) 269-3550

If you have insurance and are unable to resolve problems of coverage with your insurance provider you can file a complaint with the Alabama Insurance Department.  

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