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We are working on developing the following lists ... you can help by adding your own schools, doctors, products, etc. to our growing lists!

Diabetes-Friendly Schools

Schools that Discriminate

Your Favorite D-Care Products

Product Reviews

Insulin-Pump Friendly
   Endocrinologists & Hospitals
(Pediatrics - Adult)

Contact us with your list of favorites, recommendations, and complaints about schools, diabetes care providers, products, and companies.

Yahoo Health Directory

Your Diabetes Community Site Index

Mini site index
Diabetes resources and information

Massive Link & Resource Directory

Nonprofit Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Organizations

Top Ten Hospitals in the U.S. for Diabetes Care

Glossary - Medical terms, acronyms, numeric references,

Kid's Speak Dictionary - A fun, hilarious, mini-glossary of terms straight from the mind of children with diabetes.

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Diabetes Events and Group Meetings
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Diabetes and the Law

Discrimination, Legal and Information Resources for Children & Adults with Diabetes

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