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Islets of Hope for Persons with Diabetes
Diabetes Resource Directory & Links

If you copy our list of links for your own site, we'd really appreciate it if you would add a link to our site as well.  Your support and mention of will help others with diabetes.  We now donate 100% of the profits from our website to nonprofit diabetes organizations that purchase insulin, diabetes medications, and supplies for others in need.

The following links are for informational purposes only and not intended as an endorsement by the IOH of any site, product, organization, or person.  Please consult your doctor regarding your own specific medical needs.


Alternative Therapy For Diabetes
Child-Friendly, Information  For Children & Families
Clinical Trials
Diabetes Supplies & Products
Diagnosis, Screening, Tests & Symptoms
Diseases and Syndromes Associated With Diabetes
General Diabetes Information & Support Groups
Gestational Diabetes
Hospitals - Top 10 in US for Diabetes Treatment
Insulin Pump Resources
Legal Assistance and Information
Newsletters & Mailing Lists
Pump-Friendly Hospitals & Doctors (adult-teen-pediatric)
Training & Educational Materials & Resources 


Please consult your doctor before adding supplements, drastically changing your eating or exercise habits, or prior to attempting "alternative" course of actions for treating diabetes.

Alternative Diabetes
Alternative Health News Online
Alt Med.Com
Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society
Children With Diabetes - A discussion on herbal & supplemental treatment for children with diabetes.
Children With Diabetes - Information on supplement for children with diabetes.
Diabetes Nutrition
Diabetes Supplements Information -
Dr. Berstein's Diabetes Solution
- Lifestyle & food management (severe carbohydrate restriction)
Inspiration Center - Lists information, research, (not sponsors claims) based on natural health approaches.
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Search Database



Diabetes Center of America
Diabetes Care Center of Arizona
Diabetes Care Center of Nevada
Diabetes Care Center of Utah
Diabetes Control Centers of New Jersey
Diabetes Management & Training Centers
Joslin Diabetes Center



Children With Diabetes - Online magazine and community for children, families & adults with diabetes
Children With Diabetes - Kid's corner (teens, children, babysitting, more)
CWD Grandparents
- Meet other grandparents; join mailing list
CWD Online Quilt Gallery - To benefit diabetes
CWD Parent's Humor - diabetes related humor submitted by parents.
CWD Parent's Place - photo gallery, resources, great parent links
CWD Take A Poll - See what other parents think about school care, pumps, and more.
Create A Quilt Calendar - (more for mommies, but kids can help too)
Eating Disorder Support for Teens:
    Ask the Dietitian
Nutrition on the Web for Teens
Something Fishy Web Site on Eating Disorders
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Kids' Home Page
Kids and Diabetes
- Learn about attending Kids for A Cure meetings, also general info
Kids R Pumping - Site for children, as well good information links about pumping for parents
Famous Diabetics (categorized)
Famous Diabetics
(IOH Edition)
Girl Power - Diabetes Information for Girls ages 9-14
Grandma Sandy - Games and books for children with diabetes
The Pump Girls - Fun facts and information for youth with diabetes. This web site is based on a professional singing group of four young girls on  insulin pumps.
- For higher education for children with diabetes



CLICK to find diabetes clinical trials in your geographic area.
Clinical Islet Transplant Program in Edmunton, Canada  (U.S. citizens may also apply.)
Clinical Trials for Newly Diagnosed Onset of Type 1 Diabetes
Government Listing of Clinical Trials - Type 1 (NIH)
Government Listing of Clinical Trials
- Type 2 (NIH)



Abbott Laboratories - (Medisense Products) 800-527-3339
Animas Corporation - (insulin pumps & supplies) 877-937-7867
Amira Medical
- (At-Last glucose meter) 800-348-8100
Bayer Corporation (Formerly  AMES) – (Makes Glucometer meters) 1-800-348-8100
Becton  Dickinson (B-D) – (Products, i.e. automatic injectors, insulin pen, needle guide, and glucose tabs) (800) 237-4554
Can-Am Care Corporation - (Makes glucose tablets, lancets, fingertip cream) 800-461-7448
Cygnus Inc. - (Makers of GlucoWatch) (650) 369-4300
Disetronic Medical Systems, Inc. – (Disetronic insulin pump, pump supplies, Rapid D, and pen system) (800) 280-7801
Eli Lilly and Company – (Manufactures Humalog and other insulins, glucagon, and insulin pens) (800) 865-4559  (Note: Eli Lilly donated $1 million dollars worth of insulin to help Hurricane Katrina victims)
ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – (Insta-Glucose) (800) 548-5100
Gadget Grrl - Reviews diabetes products
LifeScan, Inc. – (Maker of Lifescan, One Touch, and Profile meters) (800) 227-8862
LXN – (Makers of blood glucose meters and fructosamine meter) 1-888-LXN-TEST
Medic-Alert: Diabetes Identification – (Jewelry) (800) 825-3785
Medicool, Inc. – (Maker of prefilled syringe kit) (800) 433-2469
Medport - (Supplies) (800) 299-5704
MiniMed, Inc. – (MiniMed insulin pump) (800) 933-3322
Novo Nordisk – (Manufactures Velosulin and insulin pens) (800) 727-6500
Owen Mumford, Inc. – (Makers of automatic injector and lancets) (800) 421-6936
Palco Laboratories – (Makers of automatic injector and totes) (800) 346-4488
Roche Diagnostics – (Maker of Accu-Chek Advantage and other blood glucose testing meters) (800) 428-5074
Science Products – (Manufactures a device that ensures blood drop accuracy onto the One Touch meter) (800) 888-7400
Therasense: (Manufacturer of Freestyle Blood Glucose) (888) 701-1171


(See end of this category for list of diabetes booklets and manuals available)

American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) - A multidisciplinary professional organization dedicated to advancing the role and practice of diabetes educators, as well as promoting quality education for people with diabetes. They sponsor community and professional education programs, and are a resource for information and speakers.  1-800-TEAM-UP-4. 

American Diabetes Association  - (Sacramento, CA).  Provides information , publications, Diabetes Forecast (magazine), fundraising for research and local support group information.  Phone: 1-800-828-8293; Information Hotline: 1-800-232-3472.  Their Oregon/Washington affiliate provides support services for children with diabetes at school.

Clinical Diabetes Journal
Diabetes - ADA Diabetes Journal
Diabetes Care

Diabetes Teaching Nurses of Southern California:  Professional organization of nurses who are Certified Diabetes Educators. Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of the first quarter month for continuing education units. Chapter president Lori Beach can be reached at (909) 825-7043.

Directory of Diabetes Organizations

Diabetes Introduction (NIH Online Interactive Training)
English Version       
Spanish VersionHarvard Center Interactive Diabetes Risk Assessment

The Healing Handbook for Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation - Provides information, magazine, support group information, and fundraising for research.  1-800-JDF-CURE;
Fax # 1-212-785-9595.  Special
JDF website for children with diabetes.

International Diabetic Athletes Association (IDAA) - Provides a newsletter and educational programs, publications, speakers, blood sugar screenings and volunteer services. Write to IDAA at 1931 E. Rovey Avenue, Phoenix,  AZ 85016.

Team of Advocates for Special Kids - Provides informational and legal resources for issues relating to children with chronic conditions. 
Anaheim (714) 533-8275;  San Diego (858) 874-2386

Television and Radio - "Living with Diabetes." Program hosted by Pat Gallagher on local television and radio. Radio broadcast WDCT (AM 1310) Sundays at 11 AM, EST.

PADRE (Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education Foundation) - Provides clinical and scientific research of juvenile diabetes, educational programs, and support groups. Based in Orange County, California; (714) 532-8330 FAX (714) 532-8398; e-mail

Education Booklets/Manuals for Diabetes Education

5-A-Day Power Play! - A 50-sheet tear-off tablet offers ways to have fun while exercising. Offered by Park Nicollet Health Source. Also available: posters, t-shirts, and brochures on Food Pyramid and Type 2 Diabetes. Materials fee applies. Phone (800) 372-7776.

Activity Pyramid - A 50-sheet, tear-off tablet offers ways to have fun while exercising. Offered by Park Nicollet Health Source. Also available: posters, t-shirts, and brochures on Food Pyramid and Type 2 Diabetes. Materials fee applies.
Phone (800) 372-7776.

Carbohydrate Counting – Minimed – (800) 848-2793

Diabetes Resource Manual for School Personnel - The Capitol Association of Diabetes Educators and The American Diabetes Assocation, Washington, DC Area Affiliate (800) TEAM-UP-4

Guidelines for Care of Students with Diabetes - The Washintgon State Task Force for Students with Diabetes;
(360) 753-2744

Guidelines for School Health Programs To Promote Lifelong Health Eating and Physical Activity - Brochures and information reproducible online for free by request. Offered by Centers For Disease Control, Division of Adolescent and School Health ; Phone: (779) 488-3168; Fax (888)-262-7681

I Have Diabetes, What Should I Eat? - The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases website offers free materials for taking care of Type 2 Diabetes as well as tips for eating healthy and exercising.
Web site:
go to "Health Information"

It’s Time to Learn About Diabetes - Chronimed Publishing (800) 848-2793

Recommendations for Management of Diabetes for Children in School
Oklahoma Department of Health
Diabetes Control Program
1000 Northeast 10th Street
Oklahoma City,  OK  73117-1299 (405) 271-4072

School Nursing Guidelines, Manage of Students with Diabetes -Ventura County Superintendant of Schools Office, Ventura, CA (805) 388-4412

The Type 2 Meal Planner - A tear-off handout for calorie meal planning with sample meal plans. Offered by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Phone 1-800-392-9700



American Association for Clinical Chemistry (A1C Tests & Information)
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (Glucose Tests)
MSN Health & Fitness - Exams & Tests for Diabetes
National Diabetes Clearinghouse Information (NDIC) Diagnosing Diabetes
National Institutes of Health
(NIH) Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests .PDF Format



American Associates of Clinical Endocronologists (find an endo in your area)
American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) - A multidisciplinary professional organization dedicated to advancing the role and practice of diabetes educators, as well as promoting quality education for people with diabetes. They sponsor community and professional education programs, and are a resource for information and speakers.  1-800-TEAM-UP-4. 
Directory of Diabetes Organizations

Immune Tolerance Network



Addison's Disease
Addison's and Diabetes
Addison's Disease in Type 1 Diabetes
The Diabetes Monitor:  Addison's Disease May Co-Exist with Type 1 Diabetes
NIH - Addison's Disease, Adrenal Insufficiency
Celiac Disease
-- Celiac Disease Foundation
-- National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse (NIH)
Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
Cystic Fibrosis.Com (diabetes and CF article)
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
--  Cystic Fibrosis Chapters and Care Centers
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
American Thyroid Association
Endocrine Web
Mary Shoman's Site (About Thyroid)
Sinai Division of Endocronology and Metabolism
American Hemochromatosis Organization
--  Iron Disorders Institute
--  Iron Overload Disease Organization
--  Springboard: Article on Iron Overload
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
The Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center  (Dr. Glueck A Champion for PCOS)
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Support Association (PCOSA)
-- The Univeristy of Chicago Center for PCOS
--  Verity



Abbreviations (Diabetes)
African American - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
All About Diabetes
American Indian - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
Asian Americans - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
BD Diabetes Village
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Diabetes Public Health Resource
Center for Disease Control (CDC) Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetes
Children with Diabetes (CWD) - A comprehensive web site regarding children with diabetes. Includes extensive information on children with diabetes at school.
Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
The Diabetes Children's Foundation - Bi-lingual: French/English)
Diabetes.Com - For Type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes Incorporated
Diabetes Life Network
The Diabetes Monitor
Diabetes Wisdom
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Diabetes Information
Friends With Diabetes - Online support serving the Jewish diabetic community.
Gestational Diabetes:
 Gestational Diabetes - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
--  American Academy of Family Physicians: Management of gestational diabetes mellitus.
--  BD Diabetes down load free award-winning brochure:  Download .pdf file
--  Canadian Diabetes Association:  Gestational diabetes; preventing complications in pregnancy.
--  Diabetes UK:  Pregnancy and diabetes (paid subscriptio) magazine specifically for women with GD.
--  Everything you need to know about gestational diabetes.
Family Doctor:  Gestational Diabetes: What it means for me and baby.
Mayo Clinic:  Gestational diabetes.
NIH:  Are you at risk for gestational diabetes?  Download free .pdf brochure.
--  Pregnancy diabetes.
--   WebMd Health:  Gestational diabetes
Grant's DiabetesTown
Hispanic Americans - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
Insulin Pumpers - Information & support for adults & children with diabetes &their families interested insulin pump therapy.
Islet Replacement Research Foundation
JDF Kids on Line
Mayo Clinic Diabetes Center - Freelance writer David Mendosa (type 2) offers a wealth of knowledge and diabetes resources.
Monitoring Diabetes Happenings

National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH) Pictorial - What is Diabetes? (Spanish)
National Diabetes Education Program - A joint program of NIH & CDC
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)
National Diabetes Education Program (NIH)
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Nevada Diabetes Association for Children & Adults
NIH Senior Health Site
Senior Citizens - Diabetes Prevention Program, information & resources
The Whittier Institute for Diabetes
- Offers a wide range of information and support groups for diabetes.


Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, VA
Barnes-Jewish Hospital , Saint Louis, MO
University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH



Companies Licensed To Sell Insulin Pumps in the U.S. and Canada

Animas - Manufactures the IR-1250, IR-1200, and manufactures and sells refurbished IR-1000 pumps.  As of 10/2005 Animas offers a free iPod nano with purchase of an Animas pump.

DANA Diabecare USA - Distributes  the Dana Diabecare II pump made in Seoul, Korea – however, be aware that in July of  2005 the FDA wrote a warning to DANA Diabecare that it had improperly reported pump problems that had caused serious harm to some of their users.

Medtronic MiniMed - Manufactures the Paradigm family of insulin pumps and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) .

Nipro Diabetes Systems (currently is not shipping pumps) Manufactures: Amigo Pump.

Roche (formerly Disetronic) - Manufacturer of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit, H-TRONplus, and D-TRONplus, however Roche is not currently licensed to ship pumps to the U.S. or Canada but has received FDA approval for sale of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit in the U.S. and Canada (may be available sometime late 2005).

Smiths Medical MD, Inc. – Manufactures the Deltec Cozmo® pump.



American Diabetes Association  (Diabetes Discrimination)

American Disabilities Act (ADA) - For information concerning the ADA write to the Civil Rights Division, Public Access Section, Washington, DC 20035-6738; (800) 038-3833.

CA Dept. of Education "Delegates for Diabetes" - Special Education Division ADA's advocacy program; Information Line (800) 434-2465 or (800) DIABETES

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)
2212 Sixth St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
ADA hotline: (800) 466-4ADA

National Parent Network on Disabilities
1727 King Street, Suite 305
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
(703) 684-6763

NICHY (National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities)
An information clearinghouse that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues. Write to NICHY, U.S. Dept. of Justice, PO Box 1492, Washington, DC 20013-1492, 1-(800) 695-0285

Policies Regarding Traveling With Diabetes Supplies



Children With Diabetes Index of Mailing Lists
Islets of Hope Quarterly Newsletter
Nevada Diabetes Association for Children and Adults
Web MD Health (Diabetes & Other) Newsletters



About Diabetes Glycemic Index
About Diabetes Nutrition Index Page
ADA Nutrition and Recipes
Healthy Living : Diabetes Nutrition
Calorie Counters - Fast food nutritional guide
Diabetes Nutrition
Diet Facts.Com - Site for marketed and fast foods, restaurant food nutrition facts
Florida International University - Guides for daily nutrition, counters
Medline Plus Nutritional Resources
Mendosa.Com - Glycemic Index of Foods (great site)
Web MD Diabetes Meal Planners



American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diabetes Risk Test
(.pdf format)

Harvard Center Interactive Diabetes Risk Assessment
NIH .pdf Booklet:  I Can Lower My Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
NIH National Diabetes Education Program - Diabetes Prevention



Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention - US Health & Human Services, American Indian and Alaskan Americans
Health MBA
MSN Health - Insulin for Type 1 and 2
MSN Health - Types of Insulin
National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (NDIC)- Treatments
Type 2 Diabetes
- Oral Medications (American Diabetes Association)

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