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insulin pump therapy demystified   
Gary Scheiner

Insulin Pump Therapy Demystified

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smart pumping   
Howard Wolpert
Smart Pumping
:  The insulin pump has opened a whole new world for people with diabetes­­more flexibility in what and when they eat and better blood sugar control, too.

diabetes log software
Diabetes Log
downloadable Software by PDA Softnet.
RAM used: 150, Resolutions Palm Standard 160x160.  Tracks  BG Level, Insulin, activities, carb count on meals,; export  data to memopad or standard palm's DOC file for reporting/printing; purge records by date range.

   An IOH Recommended Product 
The Choice A1C test kit has an easy-to-read display and provides results comparable to lab standard tests, in only 8 minutes. 3 simple steps. Monitor your HbA1C levels in the privacy and comfort of your home. It is easy to use, proven accuracy, and is the same test that is approved for Doctor's offices.  How effective are home tests? Read Review

bloodworks diabetes management software

BloodWorks Diabetes:  Downloadable Diabates Management Software for Handheld Devices.

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What's new in diabetes technology?  Read article disclaimer

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Latest diabetes technology studies and trials
Continuous glucose monitoring devices

Insulin pump technology
Blood glucose monitoring and testing devices, and software
Diabetes lab and home testing
Wound care

pumping insulin John Walsh
Pumping Insulin:
 This is a must-read book for anyone on the pump or considering using one.  The information is exhaustive and straightforward.  Even if you think you know it all about pumping, this book will teach you even more!


Latest Diabetes technology headlines, clinical trials and studies (links)


    Continuous glucose monitoring technology

    abbot freestyle navigator   Abbot Freestyle Navigator - Under FDA review, for investigational use only as of May 2006.  The Abbot FreeStyle Navigator™ is a three-part system which includes a subcutaneous sensor, a wireless transmitter, and a receiver, about the size of a pager.  The unit has hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia alert alarms and stores blood glucose information that can be retrieved.

    medtronic guardian rt   Medtronic Guardian RT - A tiny sensor inserts under the skin. The sensor continuously measures glucose levels and can be worn for up to 72 hours.  The monitor displays glucose readings every five minutes and  an alarm sounds when levels become too high or too low. The unit stores up to 21 days of information which can be downloaded to your computer.

      Medtronic gets OK for diabetes device - Medtronic Inc. has won government approval of a new system that helps diabetics continuously check their blood sugar levels, alerting them when levels edge too high or plunge too low. The company's Paradigm Real-Time system includes a glucose monitor that relays blood sugar information to the patient every five minutes from a sensor inserted under the skin and attached to a pager-size insulin.  04/14/06

      Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, December 2004, Volume 6, No. 6.  Application of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) made by Medtronic Minimed in the 72 Fast Test in 2 Patients with Hypoglycemia.  December 2004

      Medtronic Guardian RT continuous glucose monitoring study results - During the 10-day pilot study, 16 patients responded to glucose values as well as high and low alerts displayed on the screen of a Guardian RT System to make proactive therapy decisions (following a confirmatory finger stick measurement) for improved diabetes management. Ninety-four percent (n=15) of the study participants actively used the real-time glucose values and/or high or low glucose alerts to control glucose fluctuations; 75 percent (n=12) adjusted their insulin delivery; 63 percent (n=10) changed their diet; and 31 percent (n=5) made lifestyle changes after gleaning insights from real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

      In addition, 81 percent (n=13) of patients reported greater satisfaction with their blood glucose control when using the Guardian RT system. No severe hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) events were reported.

    Insulin pump technology

    Animas - Manufactures the IR-1250, IR-1200, and manufactures and sells refurbished IR-1000 pumps.  As of 10/2005 Animas offers a free iPod nano with purchase of an Animas pump.

    DANA Diabecare USA - Distributes  the Dana Diabecare II pump made in Seoul, Korea – however, be aware that in July of  2005 the FDA wrote a warning to DANA Diabecare that it had improperly reported pump problems that had caused serious harm to some of their users.  

    Debiotec – Animas has licensed with Swiss company Debiotec, SE for worldwide exclusive rights to make, use and sell MES technology intellectual property portfolio products in the next line of microneedles and pumps.

    Eksigent’s EK Pump, another in a line of micro pumps is currently under development for both implantable and non-implantable (worn on the outside) delivery.

    Insulet, a four-year-old company received FDA approval in January of 2005 to market its Omnipod Insulin Management System.  The pump works in tandem with Freestyle Flash glucose monitoring device and a Personal Management Device (PDM).  The PDM is a remote device that instructions the Omnipod (worn on the skin like a canula) to deliver insulin according to preprogrammed instructions.  With this pump delivery system there is NO tubing!

    Medtronic MiniMed - Manufactures the Paradigm family of insulin pumps and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) .

    Nipro Diabetes Systems (currently is not shipping pumps) Manufactures: Amigo Pump.

    Roche (formerly Disetronic) - Manufacturer of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit, H-TRONplus, and D-TRONplus, however Roche is not currently licensed to ship pumps to the U.S. or Canada but has received FDA approval for sale of the ACCU-CHEK Spirit in the U.S. and Canada (may be available sometime late 2005).

    Smiths Medical MD, Inc. – Manufactures the Deltec Cozmo® pump.

    Also, see Types of Insulin Pumps


    Blood glucose: monitoring and testing devices, and software

    glucomessenger    GlucoMESSENGER - Using a tiny keyboard-enabled wireless device called the Communicator, kids punch in Diabetes Short Codes for sending blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrate and exercise data to family member’s email and cell phones as text messages in real-time. You can also remind your child and ask questions by sending email to your kid’s Communicator. Diabetes Short Codes are an important part of a new system being used by leading diabetes centers around the country and will soon change the way your team manages diabetes.

    glucowatch biographer 2   GlucoWatch - The GlucoWatch G2 Biographer is intended for detecting trends and tracking patterns in glucose levels in adults (aged 18 and older) and children/adolescents (aged 7 to 17) with diabetes. Parents should supervise the use of the  G2 Biographer with their children/adolescents.  The G2 Biographer is intended to supplement, not replace, conventional blood glucose monitoring. Interpretation of G2 Biographer results should be based on the trends and patterns seen with several sequential readings over time. The  G2 Biographer may not be appropriate for use every day or with every patient. Assessing patient motivation and presenting patients with a realistic picture of G2 Biographer benefits and limitations are essential for successful use.

    UTS Diabetes v.1.3:  Sells for $14.95 - Software for the Palm OS that tracks blood sugar, medications taken, food log, and insulin.  Enter data with a stylus to enter information or select from predefined tables.  The program can also calculate correction boluses and creates interactive charts and diagrams to help you analyze your data.  There is even an e-mail feature.  

    Glucose monitoring devices

    Smaller Blood Sampling & Alternative Site Meters

    • Accu-Chek, AtLast, Freestyle, and One Touch now offer meters that let you test in alternative sights to the fingertips.  Please note, however, that the most accurate measure of current blood glucose is still from the fingertip.  NOTE:  There is a lag time from arm/legs/feet -- that isn’t as pronounced in the fingertips – where blood from alternative sites will test about 20 minutes behind the fingertips.  This means that you could be lower than actually registering when using alternative sites.  If you suspect a low, or an alternate site registers a low – stick your fingertips as well!
    • Precision Sof-Tac has been discontinued as of 2005.  It used light suction to make the site you wish to draw blood from tighter as an integrated lancet draws the blood sample and automatically applies to a test strip. 

    Blood Drawing Devices

    glucose lasette cell    Glucose Lasette The Lasette comes in a home-use (or clinical setting) model and is a single shot laser that produces a small hole in the finger to obtain a drop of blood.  Supposedly pain-free creating only a slight tingling sensation.  Lasette is not a glucose monitoring device.

      Lasette blood sampling Q&A from Diabetes UK

      FDA approves first at-home laser blood sampling device - The FDA granted market clearance to a first-of-a-kind device that offers people with diabetes a means of drawing blood without using traditional lancets (small, razor-sharp devices for puncturing the skin). The device, the Cell Robotics' Lasette, is a portable, battery operated Erbium:YAG laser that can be used in the home after patients have received a prescription and requisite instruction from their health care provider.  12/27/1998


    diasensor   Diasensor (Biocontrol) is a non-invasive glucose monitoring device that has not yet received FDA approval for sale in the  U.S. but is marketed in the U.K.  The user places their forearm in a sensing device and infrared light passes through the skin into the blood and is reflected back to the sensor and analyzed.  Information is then reported on a screen indicated blood sugar readings.  This machine is large, like a FAX machine and must be individually calibrated.  The 1000 model is being sold in the U.K. and the Joslin Center for Diabetes used the 2000 model in a clinical trial in 1999.  As of May 2006, the device has not been approved for US sale.


    New Lab & Home Testing Devices

    choice home a1c test

    The new in-home A1c kit is available at many grocery stores and local pharmacies.  Home tests have received mixed reviews from the medical and diabetes community.  The test is very sensitive and must be properly conducted or the results will not be accurate.  If you follow directions precisely your results should be fairly close to accurate.  Some brand names to look for include Metrika A1C, At-Home, GlucoMen A1c, DTI/Simple Choice,  A1cNow, and Unilab.  Read Rick Mendosa's review on home A1c testing devices.

    Wound Care

    But medical technology innovators have developed a new technique that combines living, fast-growing human cells on a bioabsorbable mesh to create a growth-promoting skin substitute. The cells are embedded in the mesh, where they multiply and develop many of the characteristics, including the growth factors and proteins, of natural skin.  AdvaMed


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