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Current and Archived Diabetes News Headlines

Islets of Hope Editorial
Stem Cell Harvesting and Research Ethics vs The Ethics of Being Human

Pros - Arguments for embryonic stem cell research

Cons - Arguments against embryonic stem cell research

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Stem Cell Legislation
From "Diabetes and the Law"

109th Congress, House Bills
109th Congress, Senate Bills
Stem Cell and Cloning Legislation in the 109th Congress and the 50 States
Administration Statements
Legislation Archives

Congressional Testimony
2006, 2003, 2002, 2001,
, 1999, 1998

Med.  Research & Ethics Laws
Current Federal Policy on
Human Cloning & Embryonic
     Stem Cell Lines
Information on State
Embryonic & Fetal Research
Current State Genetics Laws
     and Legislative Activity
Pancreatic Islet Cell
Transplantation Act of 2004

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diabetes news headlines and research  

Mini Site Index
Diabetes research, clinical trials, and studies
What's new in diabetes research?

Diabetes research & studies relating to

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Of interest to Parents
Triggers and risks for onset of diabetes
Genetics and diabetes
Diabetes prevention and detection
Babies and toddlers
Nutrition and Lifestyle
Growth and metabolism in children with diabetes
Diabetes, mental health and children

Drug Development
Under FDA Review
FDA Approved Drugs - 2005
Drug & Supplement Warnings
FDA Recalled Drugs
Experimental Drug Trials & Studies 
Failed Drug Trials & Drugs Rejected by the FDA
On the Horizon:  New Drug Concepts

Mental Health

New Technology
Latest diabetes technology studies and trials
Continuous glucose monitoring devices

Insulin pump technology
Blood glucose monitoring and testing devices, and software
Diabetes lab and home testing
Wound care

Senior Citizens

Prediabetes (pre-diabetes) & Diabetes Prevention
(previously known as Impaired Fasting Glucose (IFG) or Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT))

General diabetes research
Diabetes research headlines
Diabetes research grants recently awarded
Special programs, ongoing research, studies and support

Transplant research
Latest research - Pancreas islet cell transplant
What is islet transplantation?
About the pancreas
Islet cells and two important hormones they make
Research updates
Islet cell transplant centers

Latest Research - Pancreas (organ) transplant
What is a pancreas?
Islet Functions
Islets Transplantation
Research Developments
Transplantation: Benefits, Risks, and Obstacles
Immunosuppression Drugs

More Information

Clinical Trial & Study Links
United States

Genetics and Diabetes

Stem Cell Research Index
Mini Stem Cell Dictionary

What are stem cells?
What are stem cells?
Why not use other cells?
Types of Stem Cells
About Cord Blood Stem Cells
About Adult Stem Cells
About Embryonic Stem Cells
About Spore-Like Cells

What's new in stem cell research?
Stem Cell Headlines from the Washington Post
Cord Blood Headlines
Stem Cell Organizations
- United States
Stem Cell Organizations - International
Stem Cell Ethics - Links
Epigenetics - Links
Links to Guides for Stem Cell Research
World Policy Regarding Stem Cell Research - Links
Stem Cell Research and Legislative News - Links

Ethics & Politics of Stem Cell Harvesting & Research
The Ethical Debate of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
What is a Blastocyst?
Stem Cell Policy Debate in the United States
World-Wide Policy Debate

Treatment with Stem Cells, Research & Reality
Present Treatment Using Stem Cells
Potential Treatment Using Stem Cells

Diabetes & Stem Cell Research & Development

Related Topics
Islet Cell Transplant (from our Medical Library)
What's New in Diabetes Technology? (Diabetes Headline News)
Stem Cell Research Headline News (Diabetes Headline News)


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