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Free Diabetes Publications
Fast-Reference Printouts

Fast Reference Guide - Symptoms and causes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.  Also, normal and target blood glucose ranges for persons with diabetes and for non-diabetics.
IOH Publication PO-101; 1 page    (updated 01/2006)

Emergency Information - Symptoms of hypoglycemia and emergency medical information sheet. Instructions for others if they find you unconscious.
IOH Publication PO-102; 1 page (updated 01/2006)

Daily Diabetes Food & Insulin Log
Record insulin, blood glucose, food, and exercise, sick days, etc.
IOH Publication PO-103, 1 page (updated 01/2006)

PO-104   Emergency Medical Card (coming)

How to Prepare & Inject Glucagon (this is a fast-reference printout of excerpts from our main publication on glucagon)  Full length publication TRE-1-2006 (10 pages)
IOH Publication TRE-1-2006-fr, 5 pages (updated 01/2006)


Islets of Hope Full-Length Diabetes Information Publications


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