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diabetes health magazine
Diabetes Health:
 The essential resource for people living with diabetes, both newly diagnosed and experienced. DH provides balanced expert news and information on living healthfully with diabetes. Each issue includes cutting edge editorial coverage of new products, research, treatment options, and lifestyle issues. 

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 diabetes self-management
Diabetes Self-Management:  Aimed at the diabetic population, containing articles of interest to all diabetics, in subjects such as health, medication and diet.  

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diabetes forecast magazine
Diabetes Forecast:  Helps people with diabetes and their families lead normal, healthy lives by providing information and support on all aspects of diabetes treatment, management and self care. Contains profiles of people with diabetes, recipes, diet and exercise articles.   

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Diabetes Products, Publication and Service Reviews

Diabetes Magazines

The good news about our diabetes magazines reviews is that they are all good.  But choosing one that suits your reading interests and needs can be difficult.  If you are not sure which one(s) to try after reading our reviews, you can read sample articles for each of these magazines online to get a better feel for content and writing style.

Mini Site Index
Diabetes Self-Management   (perfect for the newly diagnosed and for those mainly interested in lifestyle and diabetes care)
Diabetes Health   (ideal for diabetes "veterans" and those who want to educate themselves fully on all things diabetes)
Diabetes Forecast
  (a really fun publication with a wide range of topics covered, perfect for all "levels" of diabetes)

Diabetes Self-Management

IOH Product Rating:  

Published:  Monthly (12 times per year)
Publisher:  R.R. Rappaport Publishing, Inc.
Web Address:

Who might enjoy this magazine?  Excellent choice for those who want fewer, but more informative articles that are easy to read.

Our Review

Of all the diabetes magazines I peruse each month, this one is my favorite.  The layout is simple, sort of like "The New Yorker," and not chock full of eye-distracting ads (although they do have advertisements).  There are fewer articles each month than in other diabetes magazines but Diabetes Self-Management doesn't skimp -- fewer articles means more information in each article.  I find their easy-to-read information thorough, and substantial resources are given to support their articles and give the consumer more options for locating products and additional information.  They speak s.l.o.w.l.y, that is, they explain a lot in understandable detail from the very basic to advanced diabetes care.

Articles cover all aspects of diabetes patient care from tips to resources to quality of life.  They run comprehensive features that apply to daily living like comparing sweeteners, tips for shopping, and blood glucose management.

For those newly diagnosed, this is an ideal magazine if you are looking for information without hype and fluff.  If you are mainly interested in research articles Diabetes Forecast is probably not going to be your source of information. Still, you will be clipping articles and referring back to them when it comes to self-care tips and strategies.

From their website:

Diabetes Self-Management was established in 1983 for the growing number of people with diabetes who want to know more about controlling and managing their diabetes. We do not publish personal experiences, personality profiles, or "breakthroughs." Instead, we give our subscribers up-to-date, practical "how-to" information on nutrition, exercise, new drugs, medical advances, self-help, and the many other topics people need to know about to maximize their health.

Diabetes Forecast

IOH Product Rating:  

Published:  Monthly (12 times per year)
Publisher:  The American Diabetes Association
Web Address:  
Diabetes Forecast

Who might enjoy this magazine?  If you are interested in lots of information about healthy lifestyle (disease management through nutrition and exercise) this is a good source of regular information.  Colorful, and traditional-magazine style format make browsing sections appealing.

Our Review

Diabetes Forecast features articles on legal issues, healthy living, celebrities, and other human interest stories related to diabetes.  They also offer recipe cards to cut out, updates on research, and information about important diabetes events. Monthly feature corners include The Diabetes Advisor, Research Shorts, and Making Friends (a section that offers open you can write to).  A fun, and very, reader-friendly publication but with enough material to be of interest and value to even veterans of diabetes.

From their website:

America's leading diabetes magazine for over 55 years. Each month, nearly 3.5 million readers turn to Diabetes Forecast for the latest and best information on diabetes research and treatment, and for practical tips on day-to-day coping with diabetes.  

Diabetes Health 

IOH Product Rating:  

Published:  Monthly (12 times per year)
Publisher:  Nadia Al-Samarrie
Web Address:

Who might enjoy this magazine?  If you are interested in serious diabetes reading, this publication fits the bill nicely. Although easy to understand, Diabetes Health dives into detail about complicated medical issues.  This is an ideal publication for those who already understand the basics of diabetes and want to become better educated beyond surface level and keep on top of diabetes current events.

Our Review

Diabetes Health features an impressive advisory board that includes specialists in diabetes care from many health professions including foot care specialists, pediatrics, nephrology, a psychosocial advisor, and even a transplant advisor.  Having such a diverse advisory board probably contributes to the broad-scale range of topics covered in Diabetes Health.

As the name implies, articles focus on health information devoted to persons with diabetes.  Living strategies, as well as detailed medical information about medications, insulin, procedures, and research can be found in every issue.  But they also report on legal issues and diabetes-related events.  They tackle tough, politically-charged issues (i.e., stem cell research) with finesse but Diabetes Health pulls no punches.

Diabetes Health seems to offer the most celebrity interviews.  If you enjoy diabetes human interest, this magazine won't disappoint you.  But don't let the famous faces often seen on their cover fool you -- the magazine has solid, cutting-edge, medical information about living with diabetes.

From their website:

Established in 1991, Diabetes Health is the magazine the Wall Street Journal calls the information "weapon" against Diabetes


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