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Frio Products Leave Customers Out in the Cold
Rated 11/05/2005 by Lahle Wolfe

IOH Product Rating:  

Product:  Frio Cool Pouches
Company:  Frio USA
Web Address: redirects to a different website for Medicool, a sales company based out of CA.  The link to Frio Cool Pouches no longer works and redirects you back to the company's main menu (a sign that their website is not being updated):

        ERROR 404:  File not found.

        The link you requested was not found.  You may have followed
        an old or outdated link.  You will be redirected to the main page
        in 10 seconds.

The main page redirect now refers to the product as Frio USA Insulin Wallets.

Price:  $25.95 - $27.95/pouch, plus $3.95 shipping/pouch
Purpose:  Portable cooling pouches for insulin

Frio is a self-contained, cooling pouch that is immersed into cold water and then chills as it swells.  The pouch becomes cold enough to refrigerate insulin when traveling for up to 45 hours (see company claims above).

I purchased three different sizes of Frio pouches and found them all to work exactly as the company claimed -- the first time.  However, all three of the pouches only worked once.  Attempts for repeat use was disappointing; the pouches swelled, felt cold to the touch having absorbed chilled water but did not retain their cool temperature for more than a few hours.  

IOH has received other similar complaints about Frio products working only one or two times.  This would not be a problem were it not for their claim to "can be used and re-activated hundreds of times" and the high cost of the pouches -- certainly not a price for a product that fails and essentially becomes disposable after only one or two uses.

Other complaints logged with IOH included poor customer service. Customers were charged for items ordered but correct products never arrived.  Complaints made to the company were either ignored or went unresolved.  The IOH was unable to ascertain whether the shipping problems are a result of FrioUSA or their distributor Medicool.  Attempts to contact both companies were unsuccessful.




Customer Complaints

…I used Frio three times when traveling cross country.  The first two times the pack worked perfectly.  The last time I traveled Frio miserably failed us.  I have three different sizes and they all lasted for only two uses then failed.  Shame, the things were really expensive.  I thought  I had done something wrong or damaged them but hearing your story made me think maybe their use is far more limited than the company claims.”
Laura, CA

…”Regarding FRIO, I actually contacted the FTC and filed a complaint. FRIO sent me the wrong item and then never returned even one email or comment sent through their online comment section.  I am still disputing it with my credit card company and its been five months. Also, the FRIO that  I did use failed after about one month.  I will never buy from them again!”
Kendra, VA

…”I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble with the Frio product.  I thought I had done something wrong too.  It's a shame it doesn't  work because it is very convenient. "     Leigh Ann, VA

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IOH Rating

Product Claims as Listed on Website

"A Frio case is easily activated with just water. These handy cooling wallets for people with diabetes are shipped from the USA by Medicool.

Keep your insulin cool without refrigeration! Duo-Pen Frio for one or two pens, Large Frio for pens and bottles.

  • Keeps insulin bottles or pens cool without refrigeration.
  • Activate with just tap water.
  • Great for active travelers.
  • Can be used and re-activated hundreds of times.
  • Stays cool up to 45 hours.
  • Available in two colors and four sizes

Supplies Not Included - Made in England"


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