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July 2007

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Diabetes news headlines for July 2007

Inhaled Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes Shows Mixed Results - dlifenews - 07/02/2007

Leading Obesity Experts Consider Role of Waist Circumference Measurement and Cardiometabolic Risk - Shaping America's Health, The Obesity Society, the American Society for Nutrition and the American Diabetes Association Issue Consensus Statement – 07/03/2007 (ADA)

Early Indicator of Kidney Disease May Also Predict Risk of Pre-Diabetes -dLife - 07/03/2007.  Full story EurekAlert

Kidney disease test may also mark diabetes - Science Daily - 07/03/2007

Study: Girls skip insulin to lose weight - Science Daily - 07/04/2007

Alternative Medicines Need to be Considered in Diabetes Management - dLife 07/05/2007

Potential Weight-Regulating Gene Identified - Medscape - 07/05/2007

Cystatin C Tied to Mortality Risk With Chronic Kidney Disease - Reuters - 07/06/2007

Dark Chocolate Reduces Blood Pressure for Short Term - Medscape - 07/06/2007

Engineered Blood Vessels Function Like Native Tissue - - Researchers at the University of Buffalo created blood vessels from a patient's own bone marrow, providing a desirable alternative to the venous grafts now routinely done in patients undergoing coronary bypass operations.  07/06/2007

Cholesterol Drug Hits Diabetes with One-Two Punch, Tulane Study Says - dLife 07/06/2007

Diabetes Mellitus Associated With Increased Intracerebral Hemorrhage Risk in Younger Patients - Medscape - 07/06/2007

Pumpkin: A Fairytale End to Insulin Injections? - dLife 07/08/2007

New drug may soon help type 2 diabetics - Science Daily - 07/09/2007

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Shows No Effect on Long-Term Glucose Control - Medscape - 07/09/2007

USPSTF Issues Statement on Routine Screening for Lipid Disorders in Young People - Medscape - 07/09/2007

Reduced GFR, Microalbuminuria Represent Different Subgroups  - Heartwire - 07/10/2007

Reduced GFR, Microalbuminuria Represent Different Subgroups - Heartwire - 07/10/2007

Hydroxychloroquine for Rheumatoid Arthritis Reduces Risk for Diabetes - Medscape Medical News - 07/10/2007

Pediatric Rapid-Onset Obesity Linked to Syndrome of Autonomic Dysregulation - Reuters - 07/10/2007

Endogenous NO Synthase Inhibitor a Risk Factor for CVD in Type 2 Diabetes - Reuters - 07/10/2007

Takeda Diabetes Pill May Avoid Heart Risk Linked to Glaxo Drug - - Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.'s Actos diabetes pill may not have the heart-attack risk linked to GlaxoSmithKline Plc's similar drug, Avandia.  07/11/2007

Malaria Drug May Cut Diabetes Risk - CBS News - 07/11/2007

Do Newest Diabetes Drugs Work? - CBS News - The newest class of diabetes drugs ? Byetta, Januvia, Galvus, and liraglutide ? has "modest" effects without causing weight gain.  07/11/2007

Drugs Old and New May Fight Diabetes - - 07/11/2007

Boosting Key Milk Nutrients May Help Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk - Science Daily - 07/11/2007

Malaria Drug May Cut Diabetes Risk - WebMD - 07/11/2007

Diabetes lifeline is facing closure - Wanstead and Woodford Guardian - 07/11/2007

Common Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Shows Potential For Diabetes Prevention - Science Daily - 07/11/2007

Class Of Medications May Offer Alternative Option For Treating Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily - A review of previous studies indicates that use of a class of medications known as "incretin-based therapy," which act via certain pathways that affect glucose metabolism may provide modest effectiveness and favorable weight change outcomes for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and may represent an alternative to other hypoglycemic therapies, according to a recent article.  07/11/2007

Selenium supplements may raise diabetes risk, study finds - The Record - Using selenium dietary supplements may raise a person's risk of developing diabetes, not lower it as had been suspected, researchers said.  07/11/2007

Roy Carroll,: Developer building house to fund diabetes research - Greensboro News & Record - 07/11/2007

Acarbose ranks No. 1 in China's anti-diabetes market last year - Interfax - 07/11/2007

Anti-malarial drugs for diabetes cure - The Times of India - Preliminary research has suggested that use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine may help reduce the risk of patients with rheumatoid arthritis developing diabetes.  07/11/2007

Anti-Malarial Drug May Reduce Risk Of Diabetes For Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis - Medical News Today - 07/11/2007

Anti-malarial drug may help reduce risk of diabetes in rheumatoid arthritis patients - ANI via Yahoo! India News - 07/11/2007

Facility will bring S.A. to forefront of diabetes research - San Antonio Express-News - The Diabetes and Glandular Disease Clinic is constructing a brand new facility in the Medical Center, which is slated to open around Feb. 14, 2008.  07/11/2007

2 new diabetes drugs work, but need study - USA Today - Two new diabetes drugs moderately reduce blood sugar without causing dangerous side effects, a review of more than two dozen studies finds, but the drugs haven't been on the market long and need to be evaluated for long-term safety and effectiveness, authors say.  07/11/2007

Diabetes Care in Special Situations - WebMD - Learn safe and effective remedies for diabetes in special situations and get back in control of your overall health and diabetes. 07/11/2007

Do Newest Diabetes Drugs Work? - WebMD - The newest class of diabetes drugs -- Byetta, Januvia, Galvus, and liraglutide -- has "modest" effects without causing weight gain.  07/11/2007

Standard Statin Doses Fine for South Asians in US, Canada - Reuters - 07/11/2007

Cardioprotective Drug Use Suboptimal in Elderly Type 2 Diabetics - Reuters - 07/11/2007

Meta-Analysis of Incretin Agents Suggests Modest Efficacy in Type 2 Diabetes - Mescape Medical News - 07/11/2007

Cardioprotective Drug Use Suboptimal in Elderly Type 2 Diabetics  - Reuters - 07/11/2007

Meta-Analysis of Incretin Agents Suggests Modest Efficacy in Type 2 Diabetes - Medscape Medical News - 07/11/2007

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