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Interested in learning more about diabetes and civil rights? Need to help someone understand your need to test/inject at work?

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FAQs about administering diabetes care in public and the work place. Topics covered: legal rights, public safety concerns and tolerance, and how to approach a co-worker with diabetes about your concerns. Read article version of this publication on the web

Diabetes and civil rights law: An overview of your legal right to equal access to programs, benefits, opportunity, accommodations, education, and employment.

Legal Headlines

Unanimous Support Give the Senate Bill 8 - Legislators back a bill that allows school personnel to give glucagon. 02/11/06

Family Sues When After-School Care Refuses To Give Boy Diabetes
 Including giving him a lifesaving glucagon shot in case of an emergency. The McDavid Family says they don't want to fight this battle alone. ... 02/09/06

Bill Would Keep Diabetic Children Safe At School. 02/09/06

diabetes and school, education, day care facilities
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Your Child's Right to an Education

Diabetes-Friendly Schools

Schools That Discriminate



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Summary of Diabetes Insurance Coverage Laws by State (Chart)

State Diabetes Insurance Laws - Individual State Links

Health Insurance Industry & Legal Remedies Information Site Links

State-Sponsored Insurance Assistance Programs - United States

Canadian Diabetes Laws

Federal & State Laws Protecting Children & Adults with Diabetes in:

2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Reauthorization Statutes

Medical Research & Ethics Laws

Federal & United State Laws Regarding Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning

Travel Laws and Policies Affecting Persons with Diabetes

"Ask The Lawyer" - Hosted by California appellate specialist attorney Jeffrey I. Ehrlich.  Post legal questions about health insurance and diabetes discrimination in school and the workplace.

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