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Diabetes Discrimination & Legal Resources

Laws & Policies for Traveling with Diabetes

Have a question about diabetes discrimination?

Post your question to IOH's "Ask the Lawyer" Jeffrey I. Ehrlich; father of a child with type 1 diabetes, and an appellate attorney specializing in diabetes discrimination legal issues.

Additional links for insurance law information:

The American Dietetic Association

numb toes aching soles  John A. Seneff
Numb Toes and Aching Souls:  This is, in a nutshell, the best current work on the subject of neuropathy for lay people. It explains the problem, goes through the rational for treatment, and discusses the treatments one by one.

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Insurance Laws Related to Diabetes Care

State Health Insurance and Discrimination Laws - United States

Alabama  *  Alaska  *  Arizona  *  Arkansas  *  California  *  Colorado  *  Connecticut  
Delaware  *  Florida  *  Georgia  *  Hawaii  *  Idaho  *  Illinois  *  Indiana  *  Iowa  
Kansas  *  Kentucky  *  Louisiana  *  Maine  *  Maryland  *  Massachusettes  
Michigan  *  Minnesota  *  Mississippi  *  Missouri  *  Montana  *  Nebraska  *  Nevada  
New Hampshire  *  New Jersey  *  New Mexico  *  New York  *  North Carolina  
North Dakota  *  Ohio  *  Oklahoma  *  Oregon  *  Pennsylvania  *  Rhode Island  
South Carolina  *  South Dakota  *  Tennessee  *  Texas
 *  Utah  *  Vermont  *  Virginia  
Washington (State)  *  Washington, DC  *  West Virginia  *  Wisconsin  *  Wyoming

State Insurance & Assistance Program Information

Health Insurance Industry & Legal Remedies Information Site Links

Islets of Hope - Insurance Dispute Resources

13 things your health insurer doesn't want you to know - Information on insurance industry practices and tips on how to to get your claims paid.

American Diabetes Association - Insurance coverage issues discussed.

American Diabetes Association - Third-Party Reimbursement for Diabetes Care, Self-Management, and Supplies - Information about Medicare coverage of insulin pumps  -This site offers information on how to file an appeal with your insurance company, as well as legal remedies if your appeal is denied.

Pre-existing Conditions & Health Insurance Portability - Health & Human Services


National Conference of State Legislatures - Diabetes laws by state

The Ehrlich Law Firm - Handles insurance disputes in California




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