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This article and  the original publication PA-03-2006 were written by Lahle Wolfe; revised 12/2006

"Ask The Lawyer" - Hosted by California appellate specialist attorney Jeffrey I. Ehrlich.  Post legal questions about health insurance and diabetes discrimination in school and the workplace.

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Diabetes and civil rights law:  An overview of your legal right to equal access to  programs, benefits, opportunity, accommodations, education, and employment.  Covers legal rights to equal access to benefits, accommodations and opportunity, and the right to administer diabetes related self-care in public places and at work.  Great for anyone who wants to know what the law says about diabetes accomodations, care, and descrimination at work, in schools, and in public places. Includes comprehensive information and examples.  Covers the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and Individuals with Disabilities Education Assistance.  Also, tells where and how to file discrimination complaints. IOH Publication PA-04-2006; 32 pages. Revised 12/06.

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Unanimous Support Give the Senate Bill 8 - Legislators back a bill that allows school personnel to give glucagon. 02/11/06

Family Sues When After-School Care Refuses To Give Boy Diabetes
 Including giving him a lifesaving glucagon shot in case of an emergency. The McDavid Family says they don't want to fight this battle alone. ... 02/09/06

Bill Would Keep Diabetic Children Safe At School. 02/09/06



Frequently asked questions about administering diabetes care in public and the work place

This article contains excerpts from Islets of Hope publication PA-03-2006.  You can view and print the publication in its original format at PA-03-2006.  Download free Adobe software to read our publications in .pdf format

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Frequently asked questions about diabetes care in public

1.  Aren’t there laws that prohibit people with diabetes from administering medical care involving blood in public places?

2.  How do I know the person is really diabetic and not injecting some other (illegal) drug for recreation? 

3.  Why can’t a person use some other testing device instead of pricking a finger?  Do they really have to draw blood?

4.  Why can’t a person with diabetes wait a few minutes and go find a private place to test blood sugar?

5.  Why can’t a person with diabetes check their blood sugar or take their insulin before heading out to a public place like a restaurant?

6.  What is wrong with testing/injecting in the bathroom at the restaurant?  It is close to the table so these things could still be done close to a meal?

7.  Since blood is drawn during blood sugar testing by lancets that pierce the skin, what are the health dangers and risks to me?

8.  It is well documented that injection needle users who share unclean needles are at great risk of being infected with HIV.   Doesn’t this mean that used needles from diabetes care pose the same level of risk to me?

9.  What if I accidentally pricked myself on a syringe  or used lancet?

10.  I don’t want my children to see someone injecting.  It’s rude and scary.

11.  I cannot stand to see blood or needles.  How can I get my co-worker to stop doing these things in front of me?

12.  Why do people with diabetes get special accommodations at my expense?

General concerns about disease transmission from exposure to blood

Diabetes and civil rights law

General sources of disability rights information


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