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Diabetes Insurance Information

Does your state have Diabetes Insurance Coverage Laws?      

State Gov. Insurance and Assistance Programs    

General Insurance Information

Do I need a prescription for insulin or syringes?

COBRA * Health Care Services * Hospital Care * Prescription Drugs & Medical Supplies *
USD HHS State Children's Health Insurance Program
* Health Insurance that Covers Diabetes

State Major Medical Risk Pools - List of states that offer insurance and direct links to state sites)

Insurance & Assistance Programs - State-by-state information about major medical risk and state insurance pools, social and assistance programs.  Also includes Canada nad New Zealand.

Medicare & Medicaid Prescription Partnerships by State

Medicare Information - General

Medicare Assistance Eligibility Calculator  (outside link)

Medicaid Information - General

Resource Links:  How to Resolve Health Insurance Disputes


The Ehrlich Law Firm If you live in CA and need help getting diabetes supplies or care covered, or face discrimination at school or the workplace The Ehrlich Law Firm can help. Mr. Ehrlich is the parent of a child with type 1 and understands first-hand the unique legal and personal challenges that you may be facing.


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Programs Page 

Cheap Diabetes Supplies - Online

Cheap diabetes Rx and Supplies In-Store

Charitable Air Travel Assistance for Medical Purposes

Private, Charitable & Local Diabetes Financial & Family Assistance Programs - State-by-state guide to local resources for diabetes assistance programs, food banks, financial and medical assistance programs, etc.

NeedyMeds Free Patient Resource for Rx Assistance - A free, nonprofit, patient assistance website to help you find ways to cut your drug costs.

Shernoff Bidart Darras & Echeverria is the nation's leading bad faith insurance law firm. They help insurers who have been illegally denied coverage for claims submitted.


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