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Food & Nutrition Programs, Local Resources
& Health Care Financial Assistance for Students

Health Care Assistance Resources for Prescription Medications, Insulin, Diabetes Supplies

Health Insurance & Subsidy Program Information

Medicaid and Medicare Program Information

Online Discount Diabetes Care Supplies & Prescription Drugs

Prosthetic Care

Technological Assistance

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Scholarships for Students with Diabetes

Have a question about diabetes health insurance coverage?

Post your question to IOH's "Ask the Lawyer" Jeffrey I. Ehrlich; father of a child with type 1 diabetes, and an appellate attorney specializing in health-care related legal issues.

Islets of Information

National Conference of State Legislatures:  “As of May 2004, forty-six states have some type of laws requiring health insurance coverage to include treatment for diabetes. The states not included are Alabama, Idaho, North Dakota and Ohio…. In 2002, Georgia and Wisconsin each passed an expansion of current coverage requirements. In 2003 Hawaii adopted a resolution to clarify its mandate of diabetes education coverage.  No new laws were passed during the first four months of 2004.”

Hocks.Com Pharmacy - Hocks.Com Pharmacy sells diabetic supplies, medical supplies and over 10,000 health and beauty aids online. Our prices are wholesale to the public! We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have been selling online since 1997.


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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Financial & Assistance Programs Information for
Persons with Diabetes

Food & Nutrition Programs, Local Resources & Health Care Financial
Assistance for Students

Government - Food & Nutrition Programs * Local Resources * Health Care Assistance for College Students with Disabilities

Health Care Assistance Resources for Prescription Medications, Insulin, Diabetes Supplies, and Insulin Pumps

Complete listing (United States)

Canadian Asssistance

World-Wide Relief, assistance, and diabetes support & charitable organizations.  This list is from our list of organizations you can donate money, supplies, time, and diabetes supplies to, however, these organizations also help others in need.

Health Insurance & Subsidy Program Information

COBRA * Health Care Services * Hospital Care * Prescription Drugs & Medical Supplies *
USD HHS State Children's Health Insurance Program *
Health Insurance that Covers Diabetes

Medicaid and Medicare Program Information

Medicare Information * Medicare Prescription Program * Medicare Preventive Services * Therapeutic Shoe Program *
Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Program *  Prescription Drugs & Medical Supplies (the PFizer Share Card) *
What is covered under Medicare Part B?

Online Discount Diabetes Care Supplies & Prescription Medicine

The following sites do not offer programs, but for those who have to pay full-price their prices are so much cheaper than others we thought it worth a mention:

    American Diabetes Wholesalers

    American Diabetes Wholesalers do not have assistance programs but they sell diabetes supplies online at near-wholesale prices.  In comparison shopping with many other online suppliers we could find no other company with better prices.  (If you do, please, send is the company name and full URL to the website.  We'd love to pass the information along to our readers!)

    Costco Stores

    Costco stores only mark-up the cost of their drugs (generic and name-brand) by 14-15%.  You do not have to be a member of the Costco Buying Club to use their pharmacy.  To the best of our knowledge, they offer the lowest prices on prescription drugs of all major retailers.  You can review their prices online at the Costco Website.

    Hocks Online Pharmacy

    Hocks Online sells many items in bulk for discounts but their stock varies.  Some of their prices are cheaper or comparable to American Diabetes Wholesalers (above).  Look at both sites to compare prices for the items you are shopping for.

    While we cannot recommend a specific company, IOH has made and been happy with purchases from Hocks.  (See Hocks ad in sidebar for more detail.  Note:  IOH does NOT receive any compensation whatsoever for any clicks or sales to Hocks through our site and they are not an affiliate of IOH.)

Prosthetic Care

If you've had an amputation, paying for your rehabilitation expenses may be a concern. The following organizations provide financial assistance for people who need prosthetic care:

Technological Assistance

Assistive technology, which can help people with disabilities function more effectively at home, at work, and in the community, can include computers, adaptive equipment, wheelchairs, bathroom modifications, and medical or corrective services. The following organizations provide information, awareness, and training in the use of technology to aid people with disabilities:

Important Disclaimer.  Islets of Hope provides this information for general information and it is not intended to be a recommendation or endorsement of any program or entity.



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