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Food & Nutrition Programs, Local Resources
& Health Care Financial Assistance for Students

Health Care Assistance Resources for Prescription Medications, Insulin, Diabetes Supplies

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Technological Assistance

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When every penny counts

As a single mom to four children every penny does count in our household, but clipping coupons is time-consuming.  So when a friend told me about a coupon site. Wow-Coupons, I had to check it out, I was skeptical.

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E-Bay - A true case of buyer beware, but I have seen unopened, new, glucose meters sell for as little as $2.00.  The savvy shopper may wish to at least browse Diabetes Supplies listed on E-Bay.

MADIGAN: NEW LAW EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1 ENSURES CONSUMERS HAVE RIGHT TO COMPARISON SHOP FOR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS.  Chicago – A new Illinois law effective January 1, 2006, ensures that consumers can comparison shop to find the lowest price for their prescription medications. Based on that law, Attorney General Lisa Madigan today urged Illinoisans to take advantage of the new law to help lower skyrocketing monthly prescription costs.  Read 12/29/05 Press Release

New  Law  Allows  South Carolina Students to Carry Their Own Medicines

Bills Aim for Expanded Health Coverage ; Allow More Health Conditions for Mentally Ill, Diabetics.  12/03/05


Your Diabetes Community Site Index
Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Food & Nutrition Programs, Local Resources &
Health Care Financial Assistance for Students in the U.S.

Gov't - Food & Nutrition Programs * Local Resources * Health Care Assistance for College Students with Disabilities

Classroom and Student Services

Public agencies that provide assistance to children with diabetes and other disabilities and to their families are listed on the State Resource Sheets published by the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY). These free resource sheets, which list the names and addresses of agencies in your state, are available by contacting:

      P.O. Box 1492
      Washington, DC 20013
      Phone: 1–800–695–0285
      Fax: 202–884–8441

College-age students who have diabetes-related disabilities may be faced not only with the costs of tuition, but also with additional expenses generally not incurred by other students. These costs may include special equipment and disability-related medical expenses not covered by insurance. Some special equipment and support services may be available at the institution, through community organizations, through the state vocational rehabilitation agency, or through specific disability organizations. The names and addresses of these and other agencies are also listed in the State Resource Sheets.

You can apply for financial aid at the financial aid office of the institution you plan to attend. A free copy of the booklet Funding Your Education is available from the U.S. Department of Education by writing to

The HEATH Resource Center (National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities) offers information on sources of financial aid and the education of students with a disability. Contact:

Information on grants that are available to individuals for financing higher education is available at the following nonprofit organization's library:

      The Foundation Center
      79 Fifth Avenue
      New York, NY 10003
      Phone: 212–620–4230
      Fax: 212–691–1828 

Food and Nutrition

Food, nutrition education, and access to health care services are also available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program. Pregnant women who meet residential, financial need, and nutrition risk criteria are eligible for assistance. Gestational diabetes is considered a medically based nutrition risk and would qualify a woman for assistance through the WIC program if she meets the financial need requirements and has lived in a particular state the required amount of time. The WIC website provides a page of contact information for each state and Indian tribe, or you can contact the national headquarters at the following address:

      WIC at FNS Headquarters
      Supplemental Food Programs Division
      Food and Nutrition Service—USDA
      3101 Park Center Drive
      Alexandria, VA 22302
      Phone: 703–305–2746 


Local Resources

Finally, for help in financing some of the many expenses related to diabetes, you may also want to seek out available local resources, such as the following charitable groups:

  • Lions Clubs International, which can help with vision care
  • Rotary Clubs, which provide humanitarian and educational assistance
  • Elks Clubs, which provide charitable activities that benefit youth and veterans
  • Shriners, which offer need-based treatment for children at Shriners hospitals throughout the country
  • Kiwanis Clubs, which conduct fund-raising events and projects to help the community and especially children
  • Religious organizations

In many areas, nonprofit or special interest groups such as those listed above can sometimes provide financial assistance or help with fund-raising. In addition, some local governments may have special trusts set up to help people in need. You can find out more about such groups at your local library or your local city or county government's health and human services office.

Important Disclaimer.  Islets of Hope provides this information for general information and it is not intended to be a recommendation or endorsement of any program or entity.



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