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Diabetes Medical Library    

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General Diabetes Information and Statistics

General Diabetes Information
Causes of diabetes, genetic transmission rates in
families with diabetes, diagnostic criteria for diabetes.

What is Diabetes?
Genetics & The Environment
Who Gets Type 1 Diabetes?
Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 1 Transmission Rates
Type 2 Transmission Rates
Gestational Diabetes

History of Diabetes & Insulin
What is Diabetes?
Brief History of Diabetes
History of Insulin
History of  Types of Insulin
A brief biography of Dr. F. G. Banting

History of Diabetes and Treatment Through the Ages

Diabetes Statistics

Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1) - General Information

Coming soon to this section....
Rotavirus and other Viruses and Diabetes
Vacinations and Diabetes
Milk and Diabetes
Soy and Diabetes
The Cost of Diabetes

Links to More Diabetes Information

Diabetes Care

Complications of Diabetes

Disorders Associated with Diabetes

General Diabetes Information
Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention

(diet, exercise, sports, stress management)

Mental Health


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Links to More Diabetes Information

Metabolic Disorders

Pregnancy (also, see gestational diabetes)

Problems Associated with Diabetes


Treatment & Treatment Devices

Alternative & Complementary Treatment

Islets of Hope Discussion Support Lists

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