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Diets and Eating Disorders - Those with a medical need to place a heavy emphasis on food choices and portions are more susceptible to developing an eating disorder.  Know the warning signs of eating disorders and learn how you can help your child avoid the risks.  Join our totally anonymous Eating Disorder support group moderated by a diabetic who has been in recovery for her own eating disorder for five years.


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Healthy eating for diabetes                        main Lifestyle page


Lahle's Low Carb Baking Tips (coming soon)
Low Calorie Recipes
Low Carbohydrate Recipes
Main Dishes
--  "Un-Sweet" Desserts and Treats
--  Breakfast
Low Fat Recipes
Low Glycemic Recipes
Diabetes Meal Exchange Recipes
Vegetarian Diabetes Lifestyle Recipes

Helpful Diet... oops ... Lifestyle Information and Resources

Nutritional Counters and Calculators - Which has more grams of fiber, an apple or a piece of whole wheat toast?  Enjoy making your own meals from scratch?  Find counters to help calculate nutritional contents!

Lifestyle Eating Plans

Restaurant (scary) and Fast Food (even scarier) Nutritional Facts - Many restaurants do not offer a nutritional fact sheet at the table, but they do online, and there are books and all kinds of yummy resources to get the facts.  If you eat out visit our Fast Food & Restaurant Guide section.


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