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Editorial feature by Lahle Wolfe

Information About Specific Weight Loss Center-Based

Jenny Craig
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Diet Reviews and Information

This is a for-profit information site where consumers can submit short articles rating programs and centers. Bear in mind that information submitted to this site is by persons who may be opinionated.

However, there is a long list of diets and programs discussed that if nothing else, will give you broard information about centers and programs that may help you to ask the right kinds of questions before signing contracts.

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Center-Based Weight Loss Programs
Jenny Craig    
Jenny Craig Website

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About the Program

The following information is based on company materials that describe the nature, focus, and purpose of the Jenny Craig program:

Jenny Craig's program includes a reduced-calorie weight management plan as well as encourages exercise and offers support for dealing with stress management and emotional considerations that affect how a persons sees and deals with food.  They consider successful weight loss more than just cutting back on food.

They offer individual programs as well as corporate programs to companies that wish to offer the Jenny Craig program to their employees.

Considerations and Drawbacks

You have to purchase their pre-package foods which are expensive (but you can do this via mail order).  At some point in the program Jenny Craig you will be counseled to learn about portion control and how to plan and prepare your own meals -- once you reach the maintenance stage -- but for the loss portion, pre-packaged meals are measured for you (to "help you learn portion control").

Jenny Craig does not have a program for teens with metabolic disorders (they state teens must not be on any medications or have an existing health problem).

They do not offer their program to persons with type 1 diabetes.


If your budget can accommodate the cost of meals, the planning part is pretty much done for you at the beginning of the program. They offer weekly support by telephone (one call)  for those who choose not to, or cannot attend, face-to-face support sessions.

They offer strategies and allowances into their plan (with guidance and some restrictions) for eating out.

You get to snack and eat fruit and vegetables as a supplement to their pre-packaged meals.

They offer online e-tools to track weight loss and plan meals.  You must register for Jenny Craig in order to access their support and tools but you can do so for free.

They encourage physical activity.

The program philosophy includes food management logistics, as well as coping skills to develop a "healthy relationship with food."

Jenny Craig began a program specifically for persons with type 2 diabetes in 1997.  They recommend working with your doctor while on the program and offer sheets for tracking food and blood glucose.  They also sell a cookbook to compliment their program.


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