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Need tips on testing your blood glucose?

Insurance not covering your supplies?  Know the law in your state.

Home of the Glycemic Index.  The New Glucose Revolution book site offers good information about low glycemic foods.  I love this site and have read several of their low GI books and felt each one was worth the money spent (The New Glucose Revolution: Managing PCOS was especially good).  This site offers all the NGR series books for sale (but wouldn't you rather buy them through us and know that your money was helping to purchase medical supplies for those with diabetes and financial constraints)?

50% of all proceeds generated from sales through our site go directly to  

Your purchases will help buy insulin pumps and diabetes supplies for those in need!


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Item #:  AC350

For carb-counting dieters, this helpful kitchen tool eliminates the guesswork!

Carb-Tracker Nutrition Scale (As of 12/29/05 the scale was on sale  for $39.95  (of course, I bought it when it was not and paid full price $59.95)

Read our review on The Sharper Image's Carb-Tracker Scale.  If you count carbs (or calories, fat, protein, and fiber) the scale is valuable for fine tuning your diet.  You weigh food items, enter a food code and voile!  Based on the weight of the food the exact nutritional count appears magically.  The scale has become a daily part of my carb counting for myself as well as Elizabeth (my daughter with type 1).  I was skeptical, but found the weight of fruit and vegetables varies considerably and knowing a more exact carb count has helped us both.  If you wish to purchase the scale, click on the The Sharper Image Logo button.  From their main page simply enter in the search code item #:  AC350, or, Carb-Tracker Nutrition Scale.


Other Free Online Calculators

Blood Donation Time Calculator

Expected Baby Delivery Date Calculator

Ideal Body Weight

Daily Caloric Need

Body Fat Calculator




Nutritional Counters

If you are looking for a counter for everything from fast food nutritional values to in-line skating to 
how many calories 4-square burns, you will find it here!


Find the Hidden Carbs.  Don't Trust Labels?  You shouldn't!    Use this calculator to enter the calories, fat, and carbohydate content from a lable and you will find American manufacturers are not very good with their basic math.  Fat has __ kcals per gram, protein has __ kcals, and carbohydrates have __ kcals per gram.  Using simple math, adding the number of grams of each nutrient, multiplied by the number of kcals per gram, you would expect the total caloric content on a label to add up -- often they don't and contain hidden carbs.  And you thought you were just paranoid about carbs...

Better Ideal Weight Body.  Oh, this one is fun and will have you laughing all the way to the scale (or crying).  This site features multiple body mass calculators side by side so you can see what the medical community, Met Life Insurance and the general public think you should weigh.  The site is sort of campy, no offense, but it does offer good body mass index calculators as well as weight charts and information about how "ideal" weights are calculated. - This is a fabulous one-stop site to visit for any activity/food calculator you might be looking for.  Calculate food calories and nutrional Anaylis of all your favorite fast food and other eating establishments (including 7-11).   Use their "no-frills but still a thrill" site to calculate for the following:

Fast Food:
 Arby's CA
 Arby's US
 Auntie Anne's
 Baja Fresh
 Boston Market
 Burger King
 Captain D's
 Carl's Jr.
 Church's Chicken
 Cici's Pizza
 Costco Food Court
 Dairy Queen (DQ)
 Del Taco
 Domino's Pizza
 Donatos Pizza
 Dream Dinners
 Dunkin' Donuts
 El Pollo Loco
 Hungry Howies
 In-N-Out Burger
 Jack in the Box
 Jamba Juice
 Jersey Mikes
 Jimboy's Tacos
 Jimmy John's
 Krispy Kreme CA
 Krispy Kreme US
 Lion's Choice
 McDonald's CA
 McDonald's UK
 McDonald's US
 Noodles & Co.
 Orange Julius
 Panago Pizza
 Panda Express
 Panera Bread
 Papa John's Pizza
 Pizza Hut
 Pollo Tropical
 Quiznos Sub
 Sonic Drive-In
 Steak 'n Shake
 Subway CA
 Subway US
 Taco Bell
 Taco Cabana
 Taco Time
 Teriyaki Stix
 Tim Hortons CA
 Tim Hortons US
 Wawa Deli
 Wendy's CA
 Wendy's US
 White Castle
 Don Pablo's
 Einstein Bros
 Old Chicago
 Olive Garden
 P.F. Chang's
 Ruby Tuesday
 Barbaras Bakery
 Breyers Ice Cream
 Capri Sun
 Carb Countdown
 Carb Options
 Carb Solutions
 Dannon Yogurt
 Dreyer's Ice Cream
 Eden Foods
 El Monterey
 Ensure & Glucerna
 Famous Amos
 Frito Lay Brands
 Girl Scout Cookies
 Healthy Choice
 I.M. Healthy
 Jumex Nectars
 Las Palmas
 La Victoria
 Lean Cuisine
 Light Life
 Little Debbie
 Miller Brewing Co
 Morningstar Farms
 Mrs. Baird's
 Mystic Chai
 Natural Ovens
 Nature's Path
 Near East
 Nestle Cereals UK
 Odwalla Juices
 Otis Spunkmeyer
 Prego Sauces
 Quorn UK
 Quorn US
 Sara Lee Bakery
 Slim Fast
 Smart Ones
 South Beach Diet
 Thai Kitchen
 Thin 'n Trim
 V8 Juices
 Veggie Patch
 White Wave
 Zone Perfect also has the following calculators that are easy to use and a great tool for anyone having to pay close attention to nutritional values and lifetsyle:


Department of Health and Human Services - Basic, straightforward body mass index (BMI) calculator. - With a name like "Fat Burn" you know this site is going to attact folks!  They offer a great fat burning calculator that factors your weight and the aerobic level of activity.  They offer off the wall activities (as well as the standard biking, swimming, walking lot) like broomball.  For fun, I plugged in my own weight and selected "Children's Games like 4-Square."  These were the results:

Results for Children's Games - 4-Square, etc.

# Minutes # Calories
1 6
5 30
10 60
20 119
30 179
40 239
50 298
60 (1 Hour) 358

So, I guess I will get out the chalk and rubber ball and hit the driveway with my children; 4-square beats the caloric burning level out of billiards (only 178 not including beer and preztels), and is exactly the same as badmitton (4-square is much more fun than hitting birdies).


NutritionalData.Com - Nice, attractive, professionally done website that is very easy to use.  I like the Firefox search  plug-in and nutrional glossary features.  The site includes helpful counters: 

  • BMI & Calories Burned Calculator
    Determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), Calories burned during exercise, and daily needs for specific nutrients.
  • Nutrient Search Tool
    Create lists of foods that are lowest in carbohydrates, highest in protein, or that match any other dietary restrictions or goals.
  • Food Category Explorer
    Interactively explore food categories to find foods with specific ratios of carbohydrates, fats, and protein, or highest Fullness Factors and Ratings.
  • Custom Entry Tool
    Analyze foods that aren't yet in ND's database.
  • Firefox Search Plugin
    Make ND a quick search on your Firefox browser.

They offer nutritional data on the following fast food restaurants:

A&W - Arby's - Back Yard Burgers - Blimpie - Burger King - Carl's Jr. - Chick-fil-A - Cold Stone Creamery
Culver's - Dairy Queen - Del Taco - Dippin' Dots - Domino's - Donatos - Hardee's - In-N-Out Burger
Jamba Juice - KFC - Krispy Kreme - Krystal - Long John Silver's - McDonald's - Papa John's - Papa Murphy's
Pizza Hut - Rubio's - Sbarro - Starbucks - Subway - Taco Bell - TCBY - Teriyaki Stix - Wendy's - White Castle

I found their listing to be helpful, but some restaurant listings were not very exhaustive (i.e., no counts on burgers and fries at In-N-Out Burger).

USDA Nutrient Calculator.  This interface allows simple searches. Enter up to 5 keywords which best describe your food item. Select a Food Group. Then click on the Submit button. If you don't get a match, check your spelling or try a related keyword. If you get too many food items, try a more specific keyword. If you enter two or more keywords, the program will search for food items which contain all of the keywords. Keywords do not have to be adjacent or in the same order as they appear in the food item. You can exclude food items by placing the word "not" in front of a keyword.


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