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diabetes care tips
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Diabetes care tips

Some tip pages are still in the "growing" process.  
We thank you for your patience.

Blood Glucose Testing Tips
Section 1
About Glucose Monitoring and Glucose Meters
Terms to Be Familiar With
Lancet and Lancing Device Tips
"Less-Pain" Finger Sticks
Quick Summary of Glucose Testing Tips
Important Tips for Accuracy
Special Care Tips for Children
Section 2
Glucose Meters:  features and how they work
Alternative Testing Sites
Why should I test my blood glucose?
When should I test my blood glucose?
Meter Accuracy
Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring devices

Children - Tips & Advice

Foot Care Tips
Taking Care of Your Feet
How Problems Can Occur
Preventive Care for Diabetes-Related Complications
How to Have Happy Feet
Resources and Information about Foot Care and Preventing Amputation

Also, see Taking Care of Your Feet & Skin in our Complications section

Tips for Injecting Glucagon
Tips on Storing Glucagon
Tips on Teaching Others How to Inject Glucagon
Printable, Illustrated Guide to Injecting Glucagon
Additional Information and Links

Injecting Insulin

Insulin Pumpers
Questions from Insulin Pumpers Answered by Islets of Hope

What are ketones?
What things can produce ketones?
Why do ketones form?
What is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)?
Why should I test for ketones?
When should I test for ketones?
When should I call my doctor?
How do I test for ketones?
Adults & children that are potty trained
Infants and children in diapers
Using a urine bag

Mixing, Storing & Preparing Insulin
What should insulin look like?
How long does insulin (bottled in vials) last? (What is the "shelf-life" of insulin?)
How long does insulin stay "good" in an insulin pump cartridge?
How long does insulin stay "good" in insulin pen cartridges and prefilled pens?
How can I travel safely with insulin? (also, see "Travel Tips")

Chart: Insulin storage & expiration
Storage (shelf life) of Insulin Pen Cartridges
Shelf-life of Insulin From (bottles) Vials (room temp, refrigerated, prefilled syringes, pumps & pens)

Teen Tips & Advice
Questions from Teens and Parents Answered by Islets of Hope

Travel Tips

Traveling with Diabetes: Laws and Policies
How can I travel safely with insulin?
Tips for Anyone Traveling with Diabetes
Travel Tips for a Safe Trip
Your Insulin Requirements will Probably Change
Insulin Storage and Handling Tips
Diabetes Care Supplies:  What You Need to Take
Coping with Travel Illness, Diarrhea, and Vomiting
Make Sure Your Insurance will Cover Emergency Medical Care
Changing Time Zones
High Altitude Areas and Airplanes Affect Pumps, Pens and Insulin Vials
Traveling to Another Country
Different Countries Use Different Units of Measurement
Different Measurements for Blood Glucose Testing

Different Insulin Strengths
Carry an "I have diabetes" Placard in Your Car, Wallet, or Purse
"I Have Diabetes" - Translated into Other Languages
Links to More Information About Traveling to Other Countries

Visually Impaired
My eyesight is not good and I have trouble seeing the markings in syringes.  How can I make sure that I am getting the right amount of insulin?

Wound Care Tips
What is a Chronic Wound?
Types of Chronic Wounds
Contributing Factors
Treatment & Prevention of Infections


Elizabeth, age 6, and her insulin pump

Approximately 85 children under the age of 19 die in the U.S. each year from juvenile type 1 diabetes. This tragic death rate has not declined over the past 14 years even with improvements in diabetes care technology.

These children do not die because of long-term complications from diabetes.

They die from hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia that could be better managed simply by going from shots to pumps.

But few children, even those who make ideal candidates for insulin pump therapy, are placed on pumps.

I want to change that.

Lahle Wolfe, Founder IOH and CEO for

Read Why I Started Islets of Hope and


Articles disclaimer

Tips in this section have been compiled by Lahle Wolfe, who is not a medical doctor but has diabetes, and is a parent of a young child with diabetes who uses an insulin pump.


Tips are sent to us and compiled into our "Diabetes Care Tips" section for general information only. Tips are based on the experiences and opinions of those who submit tips to IOH and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and position of IOH.

Advice found in any part of our "Diabetes Care Tips" section is not intended, nor should be as a substitute for the care and advice of a licensed medical health professional.

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