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Important Disclaimer

We have provided this page for general information purposes only.  It is not intended to be a recommendation or endorsement of any program or entity.  Programs can change so we recommend you contact each agency for updated information.

NeedyMeds Free Patient Resource for Rx Assistance - A free, nonprofit, patient assistance website run by volunteers who have been there.  SDC volunteers help you find ways to cut your drug costs.

Mississippi - Emergency and Assistance Resources and Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Mississippi - State Insurance and Prescription Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Mississippi - State Laws Pertaining to Diabetes

Federal Laws Pertaining to Persons with Diabetes

National Government and Private Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes


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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Mississippi - State Insurance and Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

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Mississippi Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool
Phone (601) 362-0799

Eligibility requires include, you must be:

  • A Legal Resident of Mississippi,
  • Under age 65,
  • Without access to other medical coverage, and
  • Uninsurable due to medical reasons.

Other eligibility criteria also apply. See informational brochure for additional details.

Who is Eligible to Purchase Immediate Coverage for Preexisting Conditions? You must be:
  • A federally eligible individual under HIPAA, or
  • Eligible due to loss of an individual policy as the result of insolvency of your insurance company, a carrier's withdrawal from Mississippi, or a carrier's cancellation of all similar policies.

Medicare Drug Plans

Medicaid - is a national health care program.  It helps pay for medical services for low-income people.  For those eligible for full Medicaid services, Medicaid is paid to providers of health care.  Providers are doctors, hospitals and pharmacists who take Medicaid.

Mississippi Department of Social Services Assistance Programs

Mississippi Department of Human Services

Food Stamps - The Food Stamp Program provides monthly benefits that help low income households buy the food they need for good health. Eligibility criteria, income and resource limits and allotment maximums per household size are set by federal laws and regulations governing the Food Stamps Program under USDA. A person who meets one of the following criteria may qualify for food stamps:

  • Work for low wages.
  • Unemployed or work part-time.
  • Receive TANF, SSI or other assistance payments.
  • Elderly or disabled and live on a small income.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

Emergency Food Assistance Program - The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is funded entirely by the United State Department of Agriculture. Monies are used for commodity purchases and administrative costs associated with the program. Commodities are stored at the Mississippi Food Network in Jackson and the Twelve Baskets Food Bank in Biloxi. The commodities are distributed through food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters throughout the state. Inventory and distribution schedules are controlled by the Food Distribution Administrator housed at MDHS.

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