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Where to get private fuel funds to help with your utility bills

Ask the state energy assistance office for the local phone number of the fuel fund nearest you, or go to

NeedyMeds Free Patient Resource for Rx Assistance - A free, nonprofit, patient assistance website to help you find ways to cut your drug costs.

Illinois - Emergency and Assistance Resources and Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Illinois - State Insurance and Prescription Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Illinois - State Laws Pertaining to Diabetes

Federal Laws Pertaining to Persons with Diabetes

National Government and Private Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

MADIGAN: NEW LAW EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1 ENSURES CONSUMERS HAVE RIGHT TO COMPARISON SHOP FOR PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS.  Chicago – A new Illinois law effective January 1, 2006, ensures that consumers can comparison shop to find the lowest price for their prescription medications. Based on that law, Attorney General Lisa Madigan today urged Illinoisans to take advantage of the new law to help lower skyrocketing monthly prescription costs.  Read 12/29/05 Press Release

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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Illinois - State Insurance and Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Hock's offers 30-50% discounted prices on diabetes supplies.  We cannot specifically recommend or endorse any company but we have been listing Hock's in our resource directory for over a year as one of the two cheapest online companies to purchase from.  We recently affiliated with Hock's because our own experience with them has been so positive.  If you do place an order through our site, they will contribute financially towards our cause and you will get reasonable prices for diabetes supplies.

Illinois Department of Human Services offers the Home-Based Support Services Program, which tailors services to help adults with eligible disabilities live at home. The program pays for services to help enrolled adults (age 18 or older) become more independent living on their own or with their families. Participating adults are entitled to services worth approximately $17,000 to $19,000 per year. They also offer the Family Assistance Program, which pays a monthly cash stipend to help with the costs of caring for an eligible child (age 17 or younger) with a severe mental disability. Participating families receive approximately $5,000 to $7,000 yearly.

Funds are typically appropriated for the program during the spring session of the General Assembly. If funding is sufficient to allow enrollment of additional persons, new persons are selected by a random drawing during the summer. If such a drawing is held in a given year, families and individuals whose applications are received by May 31 of that year are eligible for the random drawing. To learn more, call (800) 843-6154, ext. 3.

Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Phone 1-800-367-6410 or (217) 782-6333

All Kids Covered - All Kids is complete health insurance for your child. All Kids covers doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and eyeglasses. All Kids covers regular check-ups and immunization shots. All Kids also covers special services like medical equipment, speech therapy and physical therapy for children who need them.

Medicaid Information

Medicare Information

Illinois Cares Rx

Department of Healthcare and Family Services


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