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Did you know?

There are Disability Tax Credit benefits for Canadians with diabetes?  Some Canadians who use insulin to manage their diabetes may be eligible for a federal tax.  Since May 2004, Canadians using an insulin pump have been eligible for a tax credit. Announced as part of the recent federal budget, the criteria for the Disability Tax Credit will be expanded for 2005 to include Canadians with diabetes who inject their insulin, in addition to those who use an insulin pump.

Parents of children who are eligible for the disability tax credit may also claim the disability tax credit supple- ment for children, which provides additional tax relief.  They may also receive assistance from the Child Disability Benefit, which is paid as a supplement of the Canada Child Tax Benefit to low- and modest-income families caring for a child with a disability.

More information about federal disability related tax measures are available at

Disability Tax

Federal Disability Tax

Source: CNW Group; 02/18/2007

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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

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Financial Coverage Charts for Diabetes Supplies and Medication

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Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB)

Medical Related Benefits - Special Diet  Allowance - The Special Diet Allowance entitles you to receive additional money each month if you have medical condition(s) requiring special dietary needs.

To apply for this allowance you need to ask your OW or ODSP caseworker to send you a special diet form to be filled out by a medical health professional and returned to your caseworker worker. 

For more information about the Special Diet Allowance diets and what medical conditions qualify you to receive this allowance please click on the website addresses below:

Medical transportation costs and other Medical Items - ODSP recipients – Through the Mandatory Special Necessities allowance you may be eligible to receive money to pay for ostomy supplies and dressings, incontinence supplies and travel for medical appointments.   Medical items not covered by Mandatory Special Necessities may be covered through Special Needs Unit of Toronto Social Services.  Ask your ODSP case worker to put in a request for this item. 

OW recipients – Medical Transportation costs - You may be eligible to have your transportation costs to attend medical appointments reimbursed.  In order to be eligible you must be spending a minimum of $15.00/month on approved medical transportation costs and the total transportation assistance cannot exceed the cost of a Metro Pass. Transportation assistance will be reviewed every six months or when you indicate there is a change in the number of medical appointments, whichever occurs first.    If transportation needs are being met by another means such as participation in OW activity or issuance of TTC tickets no additional funds will be issued. 

Client Special Services Items – You may be eligible to have medical supplies and assistive devices paid for, such as , assistive devices,  diabetic supplies, medical supplies, ostomy supplies, or mobility aids, etc. 

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